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This A-Level is offered at AS and A2.  Students of A-Level Mathematics will develop an understanding of mathematical processes, develop the ability to think logically, construct mathematical proofs and understand the coherence and progression in Mathematics and how different areas of Mathematics can be connected.

Careers in Mathematics, Engineering, Medicine, Computer Science and many many more.

Those studying this course benefit from timetabled Intervention Sessions with specialist teachers, after school revision, classwork and homework support sessions. Visits to Universities to experience Mathematics in a Higher Education setting will be available to all students. Some students will have the opportunity to compete in the Senior Mathematics Challenge held at Sheffield University.

5 GCSEs at 9 – 5 including Grade 7 in Mathematics.

All students study; Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics.  There are two exams to achieve AS Level Mathematics:
• Paper 1: Core Mathematics (2 hours, 62.5%)
• Paper 2: Statistics and Mechanics (1 hour 15 minutes, 37.5%)

This course is available to students who have successfully completed AS Level in Year 12 and gained a grade D or higher. Students achieving grade E will be considered individually. All students study Pure Mathematics, Statistics and Mechanics. Assessment is via three written examinations at the end of Year 13. AS grades NO LONGER contribute to this linear A level.

• Paper 1: Pure Mathematics 1 (1 – 2 hours, 33.33%)
• Paper 2: Pure Mathematics 2 (2 hours, 33.33%)
• Paper 3: Statistics and Mechanics – (2 hours, 33.33%)

For further information, please contact - Mr C Bonnen-Brailsford / [email protected]