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Health & Social Care / Childcare

Health & Social Care and Childcare

Curriculum, Vision and Aims

As a department we offer a range of courses in both Health and Social and Childcare at both key stage 4 and 5 Childcare and Health and Social Care that are available.  We feel  it is paramount that we educate young people about the sector and the many possible career opportunities. Our courses cover a range of topics relating to the caring sector, looking into the daily work of practitioners in the relevant fields.

We aim to deliver lessons to widen students’ knowledge and understanding of the subjects we offer, whilst acquiring skills which will prepare them for life once they leave, whether this may be College, University, Apprenticeships or Employment.

Within our department we offer a range of activities both within and outside of the classroom. Many of our courses have elements of work experience where students will spend time in settings such as nurseries, primary schools, care homes or other relevant childcare and health settings. Where ever possible we are always striving to enhance learning and often attend events such as the NHS Careers Roadshows, Sheffield teaching hospital events and run partnership events with primary schools from the local community.

Every other year we also offer a residential visit to Disney Paris where students take part in lectures and seminars covering some of the key concepts which are taught within our courses such as equality and diversity. Students also work on a project looking into how the park caters for a diverse range of visitors from across the globe.

The department consists of four fully qualified teachers who have a wealth of experience in their relevant fields.