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Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

SMSC is the spiritual, moral, social and cultural education of the pupils. Our personal development programme and indeed the wider aspects of the school contribute towards SMSC education.

SPIRITUAL– it is intended that pupils develop the understanding and tolerance of differing faiths and values. There is the opportunity to experience and enjoy the natural world and the range of human achievement and creativity. Many of our subject curriculums such as RE, Art, Music and Geography actively enhance this element of SMSC, whilst PSHE promotes varied opportunities for enhancement.

MORAL– pupils are supported to appreciate the difference and learn between right and wrong. They can the appreciate the views of others and understand the behaviour of others (and their own). They understand the consequence of actions and moral dilemmas. Our pastoral system works hard alongside all our staff to educate the students (see further detail about pastoral system, assemblies and active tutorials). We also include sections within the PSHE programme of study. However, we pride ourselves that Wales High School has a culture of moral understanding.

SOCIAL – pupils are helped to socialise, co-operate and communicate with increasing confidence. This is with a wide variety of people and in different roles. Throughout their school career students are taught the value of social interaction, be it through a structured, formal curriculum lesson, through the pastoral system, PSHE or one of our varied wider opportunities.

CULTURAL– pupils are taught what cultural influences have shaped the UK. They are taught to recognise and appreciate common aspects across culture, religion and socio-economic communities. Students are taught to appreciate cultures from parts of the world other than their own. This is actively explored through academic curriculum areas such as Music, Literature and Art. We also dedicate time to this on our Super Learning Days.