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Curriculum, vision and aims.

Being one of the small number of schools in the country to teach the subject, the opportunity to deliver Geology at Wales is exciting and rewarding. Geology is often described as the point at which Science and Geography meet, providing a stimulating and challenging curriculum for those who choose to study with us.

Geology has often been seen as a subject ‘stuck in the past’, however with the key themes studied in our department being sustainability, climate change, resource management, coping with natural hazards, and mineral resource exploration, Geology is certainly the subject that so clearly holds the key to the future. As such, we are keen to help students recognise how the skills and knowledge gained from studying Geology lend themselves to an array of future careers and further education. With alumni who have gone on to work abroad in places such as the Middle East, have successful careers in mining and geological engineering, and complete an Earth Sciences degree at Oxford University, our high expectations assist in broadening the horizons of our students to achieve their full potential. Furthermore, our wealth of resources from fossil and mineral specimens to laboratory equipment give a real-world understanding to the theory taught in the classroom. It is a joy to see the excitement in our students when given the opportunity to handle items that formed millions, or even billions of years ago!

For us, Geology at Wales is about inspiring students to become inquisitive, conscientious, and knowledgeable, while also developing transferrable skills and a love of learning. Geology is a place for students to learn about the fantastic world we live in, and what they can do to preserve it. It is also the place for students to learn about things they may not have had the opportunity to otherwise; where else would you learn about how dinosaurs lived?!

Key Stage Breakdown

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Subject Contacts for Support

In the first instance please contact your child’s class teacher using their school email address. The class teacher is in the best position to answer general questions as they will know your child better than anyone.

For more specific questions please contact the following staff by email:
Miss E Caldwell
[email protected]

We will endeavour to reply to any correspondence as soon as possible. If you would like to contact us by telephone please contact school on 01909 771291. They will inform us of your call and we will answer if available or arrange to phone you back.