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Mathematics – KS3

Mathematics at Key Stage 3

Here at Wales our Key Stage 3 Mathematics students follow our 5 year curriculum. When they enter Year 7 they complete a baseline assessment which, along with information from Primary Schools, helps us to put the students into sets as soon as possible.

The students stay in sets throughout their journey from KS3 to the end of KS4. These sets are fluid and students will have the opportunity to move up and down at intervals during the school year, particularly in lower school.
The sets enable us to ensure that students are taught at a level that suits them and enables them to make progress.

Our curriculum allows students to study the same topics at the same time, regardless of their sets. The higher sets move at a quicker pace than the lower sets but they will all have the same diet of modules and topics.
We work through the six key modules as we go through KS3 and KS4 with the aim of revisiting them again and again to ensure that prior knowledge is built upon and progress through the modules is evident and clear.

Our aim at KS3 is to give our students a fantastic foundation of knowledge which will enable them to start KS4 with both a solid skill set and a love of Maths.

Informal Assessment – “Yellow Book Lessons”
Each week the students will complete a Skills Check. This will be set by the class teacher to help inform what each student can remember from the work that they have covered previously. Where there are gaps in knowledge the students will be given the opportunity to recover this knowledge and plug the gaps.
At the end of each step that the students complete they will do a review exercise based on the knowledge that they have learned that week. The class teacher will informally assess the work covered and use this to inform the next steps and progress for each student and the group.

Formal Assessment
Year 7 will complete a baseline test within the first two weeks of their time at school so that we can assess the knowledge and skills learned in Primary School. This will take the place of their first half term test.
All Year Groups will complete a test at the end of each half term. This test will be based on the topics that they have covered during the half term. Students will be given a percentage score and this will be recorded on go4schools.

These results, along with their class performance, will be used to inform the Assessment Points throughout the year. This will help us track and monitor the progress of each student throughout the year and then enable us to provide support and intervention where necessary. Each Year Group will have a formal exam towards the end of the year. This will take place in the exam weeks which are dictated by the whole school diary.

These exams will be based on topics covered throughout the year. The percentage scores will be recorded on go4schools. These scores, along with performance and attitude throughout the year, will help us ensure that each student is in the correct set moving forward so that we can maximise their opportunity to progress.

KS3 Homework Policy

As a Maths Department we have responded to the needs and feedback from students regarding homework.
For the last two years we have used the fantastic website Dr Frost as our homework tool.
Students will be given a login and password in Year 7 and will use this throughout their time at Wales. The login will be their school email address and the password can be changed as they wish.
Homework will be set at regular intervals and students are expected to complete this homework by the deadline that they will be informed of by their class teacher.

If there are any issues with technology at home students can use the computers at school. There are plenty available in the library and we also have computers available in the department which they can use at any time. Each Year Group will have a time during the week that is dedicated to their Year Group for support and help with Dr Frost if they need it.

At the end of each half term in the lead up to their assessment students will be expected to revise. They will be given support and advice to help them understand how to revise along with a topic list.