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Curriculum, vision and aims.

In order for music to be successful in the classroom, it must be fun! Music should be accessible and inclusive to all pupils and schemes should include evenly the three components; Composing, Performing and Appraising.

The subject should provide pupils with challenges and opportunities which develop and extend their knowledge, skills and interests using a range of resources and teaching styles.  The Department employs a range of teaching methods and is particularly committed to child centred learning.  Concepts are often explained through practical music.  Through such teaching methods we hope pupils will be encouraged to develop not only essential skills in music, but also promote those in the hidden curriculum such as confidence, communication, social interaction, respect of class members and equipment.

The department is very keen to explore and extend ways of stimulating pupil progress.  We recognise the value of Music technology and have invested heavily in this area.  We do however greatly value many traditional and world instruments and deliver a balanced curriculum in which both work in synergy.  We also see the need for pupils to use were possible their own instruments during practical lessons.

Rotherham Music Service provides an excellent instrumental service to pupils.  Where possible pupils are accommodated with instruments, though in return must support instrumental groups during extra-curricular time.  Pupils who receive peripatetic lessons at examination level receive free tuition obtaining a musical scholarship through the school.  The department has an open-door policy where pupils can seek help and advice and be encouraged to use their initiative.

Pupils listen and appraise music in a variety of genres and styles, from different musical periods and cultures.  The schemes chosen are broad and designed to extend pupil’s musical experienceknowledge and widen both their cultural and social experience.


Pupils listen and appraise music in a variety of genres and styles, from different musical periods and cultures.  The schemes chosen are broad and designed to extend pupil’s musical experienceknowledge and widen both their cultural and social experience.  The curriculum at Key Stage 3 is sequenced to ensure students are prepared for the requirements at GCSE (Edexcel) and A-Level (Edexcel).  It includes examples of music from:

  • Classical Western music, from its earliest roots to the present day
  • World music (African drumming, Samba, Gamelan, Indian and fusions)
  • Folk and Popular music (from Blues to Dance music)
  • Music Technology

The Department has an extensive extra-curricular programme ranging from School Productions to Choirs, Orchestra/band, Rock bands and smaller vocal and instrumental ensembles. Pupils get many opportunities to perform in class, as well as School Productions, concerts, Full school assemblies, external competitions and even International tours.

About the Music Department

Traditionally, the Music department has been at the very heart of school life. There are currently 4 Music teachers (Mr Corner – Head of Music, Mrs Ayland, Miss Cunnington and Mr Wright – Teachers of Music) with a vast wealth of experience and success, teaching across all key stages.

There is a team of Peripatetic music teachers offering tuition in brass, guitar, keyboard and piano, percussion, strings, woodwind and voice. The department also has a dedicated Music Technician / Teaching Assistant.

There are 3 classrooms, all close together with 3 centrally located practice rooms and a recording studio. The music rooms all include PC’s operating Sibelius 7 and recording software.  Each classroom has keyboard facilities to support full class activities. The department is also well-equipped – with interactive whiteboards, 8 track portable recording units and 6 digital pianos.

The department also boasts a full complement of African and Samba drums and an extensive range of tuned and untuned percussion. We also have a full complement of guitars and ukuleles along with amplifiers etc. to support a full performance set up in and round school.

The Music department has a good track record at GCSE and A Level – with healthy numbers taking the subject. Excellent results have been achieved at GCSE over the past few years with students achieving well above the National average. At A level the department has enjoyed success over the years with 90% of students meeting / exceeding their aspirational target grade.

The department collaborates across the school and with other creative arts subjects. Every year the school produces a highly successful Musical production. Recent successes have included Honk, Joseph, A Little Shop of Horrors, Les Misérables (SE), Jesus Christ Superstar and Miss Saigon (SE). Our extensive extra-curricular programme leads to excellent concerts and performances involving students from all key stages. In recent years, the department has also run a successful Music tour to Venice.

Over the last few years, the department has enjoyed other fantastic opportunities including performing on Radio 4’s ‘The Today Programme’, and performing choral classics ‘One Day More’ and ‘One Moment in Time’ at the ICC in Birmingham – ASCL Conference.  We also take students to perform in local primary schools to inspire the future generation of musicians.

The Music department is friendly and welcoming. Our teachers are committed to improving the attainment and learning experience and our range extra-curricular activities are provided to ensure that pupils are challenged and developed. The teachers work well as a cohesive team and are keen to see the department expand and develop over the coming years.

Course Introduction Video

Subject Contacts for Support

In the first instance please contact your child’s class teacher using their school email address. The class teacher is in the best person to answer general questions, as they will know your child better than anyone.

For more specific questions please contact the following staff by email:
Mr S Corner (Head of Music)
[email protected]

We will endeavour to reply to any correspondence as soon as possible. If you would like to contact us by telephone please contact school on 01909 771291. They will inform us of your call and we will answer if available or arrange to phone you back.