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Wales High School Curriculum

Students at Wales are encouraged to follow a curriculum that prepares them for the next stage in their education and or employment journey.

This is broad, balanced and aligned with the breadth and ambition of the English National Curriculum.

Students should view their outcomes not only by academic success but by personal and social development and their academic development is strongly interlinked with the personal development programme.

We believe our curriculum should challenge students to fulfil their true potential. The curriculum at Wales is ambitious, it is fully sequenced building on the knowledge gained in primary school all the way through to the end of Key Stage 5.

The curriculum encourages students to deepen their knowledge beyond the subject studied by linking knowledge and understanding across the different disciplines in the whole school curriculum.

We aim for the curriculum at Wales to be fully inclusive and all students have access to the EBacc suite of qualifications at Key Stage 4.
We divide our curriculum journey in to stages. Year 7 and 8 students all follow the same route covering the full National Curriculum. Year 9 students are allowed some flexibility whist ensuring they still have full National Curriculum coverage. In Year 10 and Year 11 students follow GCSE, or equivalent qualifications. Finally, in Key Stage 5, level 3 options such as A Levels and equivalent vocational courses are offered alongside GCSE maths and English.