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Super Learning Days

Super Learning Days / British Values

Super Learning Days

Super Learning Days are full days of the year when the ‘normal’ school timetable is suspended for students to have the opportunity to explore themes in more depth, with extended activities. This enables students to enhance their personal development; expand upon and enhance the curriculum.

The suspended timetable allows us to invite visiting speakers, pursue extended activities and, restrictions permitting, arrange visits to support our cultural programme. This offers the opportunity for students to explore themes without disrupting their academic curriculum.

Each year group tends to follow a theme for the day. Please click below to see the programme offered for 2022/ 23.

British Values

Wales High School places British Values at the very core of its activities, fully supporting and embracing the philosophy behind the Prevent Strategy (2011). Democracy and the rule of law are at the heart of what the school stands for and opinions or behaviours that are contrary to these values are challenged wherever there is the need.

Our mission statement reads;

“We must all work together to create a stimulating and challenging learning environment with high quality teaching, in an atmosphere of tolerance, free from any form of prejudice. Develop the moral and social awareness of pupils and students in order that they may become responsible members of society, possessing an understanding of the world in which they live.”

All students must be protected from radicalisation and extremism and should respect the process of democracy. Through our curriculum provision in lessons, active tutorial work, assemblies, visiting theatre companies, visiting speakers and the police we aim to equip students with the knowledge and skills to enable them to distinguish right from wrong and to develop a strong moral code through which they conduct themselves on a day to day basis.

Education plays a vital role in achieving these aims and our Personal, Social and Health Education programme supports this process alongside many other integral aspects, such as the school’s International Dimensions programme, its support of local and national charities and the commemoration for those who have paid the “ultimate sacrifice” in protecting the democratic society we cherish.

Students develop a sense of personal responsibility combined with the knowledge of how that fits with their local community and an understanding of the positive contribution they can make, both locally and in the wider society.