Exam Sessions 2017-2018

Exams Start Exams Finish Year Group Internal Interim Exams External National Exams Notes
Wednesday 1st November Wednesday 8th November 12 & 13 Yes Maths/English GCSE Resit only
Wednesday 13th December Friday 22nd December 11 Yes All Subjects
Wednesday 10th January Tuesday 16th January 9 Yes All Subjects
Wednesday 17th January Friday 26th January 12 & 13 Yes All Subjects
Monday 19th February Friday 23rd February 11 Yes Selected Subjects
Monday 26th February Friday 2nd March 10 Yes Selected Subjects
Tuesday 8th May Friday 11th May 7 & 8 Yes Selected Subjects
Monday 14th May Friday 29th June 11,12 & 13 Yes All subjects
Wednesday 20th June Friday 29th June 10 Yes All subjects
*there will be other ad-hoc exams taking place throughout the year which aren’t shown on this schedule.