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April 2019
Apr 12th – GCSE English Language Paper 1 Grade 7 8 9 Flash Cards
Apr 12th – GCSE English Language Paper 1 Grade 5 6 Flash Cards
Apr 12th – GCSE English Literature Study Pack
Apr 11th – Y7 Exam Week
Apr 10th – Y8 Exam Week
Apr 9th – A-Level Philosophy & Ethics Visit Manchester University
Apr 9th – A-Level Geography Review Magazine
Apr 8th – Y9 GCSE English Macbeth
Apr 5th – Message to Y11 Parents – Unstoppable Teen
Apr 5th – Y11 Revision Sessions
Apr 4th – Sound Junction Concert
Apr 4th – KS3 Watersports Provisional Itinerary
Apr 1st – Y7 Reading Initiative The Demon Headmaster
Apr 1st – Learning Support Cinema Night
Apr 1st – Rugby Readers Visit to Headingley

March 2019
Mar 29th – Message from the Headteacher – Resources for Y11
Mar 29th – Y11 English Language Revision
Mar 29th – Y11 English Literature Revision
Mar 29th – Y11 Maths Foundation Revision
Mar 29th – Y11 Maths Higher Revision
Mar 29th – Y11 Science Revision
Mar 29th – Mad Hatters Tea Party at Treeton Care Home
Mar 27th – GCSE Maths & English Revision Sessions
Mar 27th – English Revision Guides
Mar 27th – Y10 History WW1 Battlefields
Mar 22nd – Message from the Headteacher – Y11 Revision
Mar 21st – PE Team Tops 2019
Mar 15th – Non-Uniform Day – Friday 22 March
Mar 15th – Message from the Headteacher – Y11 Progress
Mar 14th – Y10 Parents Evening
Mar 12th – Y11 Parents Evening
Mar 8th – Message from the Headteacher – Y11 Provision
Mar 8th – Rugby Readers Programme
Mar 7th – Y12 European Youth Parliament Regional Forum
Mar 7th – KS5 Biology VIVIT
Mar 5th – GCSE PE Twilight Revision Session
Mar 5th – Drama & Literacy Reward Visit to Grimm & Co
Mar 5th – The Big Feast @ Magna
Mar 4th – 6th Form Parents Evening
Mar 4th – A Level PE Twilight Revision
Mar 4th – GCSE Health and Social Care Event
Mar 1st – Movement Evening

February 2019
Feb 28th – Learning Support Rewards & Social Evening
Feb 28th – GCSE PE Revision Conference
Feb 27th – GCSE PE Athletics Assessment
Feb 27th – Geography Masterclass
Feb 27th – Y11 English Revision Guide Order Form
Feb 26th – KS3 Spanish Watersports
Feb 26th – Music and Art Tour 2019
Feb 13th – L3 Engineering Visit to Onyx
Feb 12th – Annual Sports Ball 2019
Feb 12th – KS3 Girls Literacy Club
Feb 8th – English Visit to New York
Feb 8th – BTEC Dance Hoodie
Feb 7th – Y8 Individualised Study Programme
Feb 6th – GCSE PE Assessment
Feb 6th – Y7 Science National Space Centre
Feb 6th – Y10 RE London Itinerary
Feb 6th – Y9 Science Big Bang Fair
Feb 6th – Y9 Parents Evening
Feb 6th – Y12 Royal Society of Chemistry Analysts Competition
Feb 6th – KS5 Business Tutor2U Revision Conference
Feb 6th – Annual Sports Ball 2019
Feb 5th – Y8 Parents Evening
Feb 5th – KS5 Physics CERN Change of Date

January 2019
Jan 25th – Y8 Stratford upon Avon
Jan 22nd – KS5 Professional Interview Evening
Jan 22nd – KS3 Visit to Bletchley Park
Jan 18th – Y9 Introduction to PE GCSE
Jan 18th – Iceland 2019 Parents Meeting
Jan 18th – Art Visit to Harry Potter Studios
Jan 15th – Y7 English Stratford Confirmation
Jan 9th – Changes to the School Day on Friday 11 January 2019
Jan 9th – Y9 Geography The Deep
Jan 9th – Berlin 2019 Information Meeting
Jan 8th – Harry Potter Studios Final Details

December 2018
Dec 19th – Y9 Options Parents Briefing Evening
Dec 19th – KS4-5 MFL Visit to Madrid
Dec 19th – Y11 Yearbook
Dec 17th – School Bus Update December 18
Dec 14th – Y7 English Visit to Stratford
Dec 13th –Y7 English Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Dec 12th – A-Level PE Revision Programme Manchester
Dec 10th – Y11 Examination Reader Pen
Dec 7th – Magna Chef Christmas Lunch
Dec 7th – KS5 H&SC Disneyland Paris Information Meeting
Dec 7th – A Level Social Science Tutor 2U Revision Workshop
Dec 4th – OCR Sport L3 Visit to Graves Leisure Centre
Dec 4th – Y10 PE Visit to Loughborough University

November 2018
Nov 30th – GCSE English Literature Poetry Live
Nov 27th – Visit to Ladyfield House
Nov 19th – Y9 Art Visit Harry Potter Studios Balance Due
Nov 19th – Y10 History Visit to WWI Battlefields Payment Due
Nov 14th – Y12 History Visit to Berlin
Nov 14th – Y10 Parents Evening
Nov 13th – Y12 Geography Residential Visit to Cranedale
Nov 13th – Italy Music and Art Tour 2019 Payments
Nov 13th – Health and Social Revision Guide
Nov 12th – Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets
Nov 9th – Go for Schools Update
Nov 7th – GCSE English Language Literature Revision Guides
Nov 6th – KS5 Spanish Visit to London
Nov 6th – KS5 Food Studies Food Matters Live

October 2018
Oct 25th – Work Experience Letter
Oct 25th – Block Placement SAP Form
Oct 25th – Y11 National Citizen Service
Oct 23rd – Y10 Science Course Information
Oct 23rd – GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies Troilus and Cressida
Oct 23rd – Duke of Edinburgh Award
Oct 23rd – Learning Support Dept Kingswood Residential
Oct 23rd – Duke of Edinburgh Award
Oct 22nd – KS5 H&SC Disneyland Paris
Oct 22nd – Y11 Parents Evening October 2018
Oct 17th – GCSE French & Spanish Revision Guides
Oct 16th – Sponsored Walk – Short Walk
Oct 16th – Y7 & Y8 Halloween Disco
Oct 16th – U13s Rotherham Cup Girls Cricket
Oct 11th – England v Japan at Twickenham
Oct 11th – Y9 Achievement Points Reward Evening
Oct 11th – Y8 Achievement Points Reward Evening
Oct 11th – Y7 Achievement Points Reward Evening
Oct 11th – L3 Engineering Bridon Wire Ropes
Oct 10th – Sixth Form Parents Evening
Oct 9th – Y9 Art Harry Potter Studios
Oct 9th – Wasps vs Bristol Bears
Oct 8th – RUCT Coffee Morning
Oct 8th – RUCST Black History Month Tournament
Oct 2nd – Y10 Subject Targets
Oct 2nd – Maths Inspiration Tour
Oct 1st – Sponsored Walk 2018 Letter

September 2018
Sep 25th – Harms of Hate Event 2018

August 2018
Aug 10th – Worksop Bus Final Arrangements

July 2018
Jul 19th – Y12 Examination Results Day Letter 2018
Jul 19th – Y13 Examination Results Day Letter 2018
Jul 19th – Y11 External students to WHS 2018
Jul 19th – Y11 Students not returning to WHS 2018
Jul 19th – Y11 students returning to WHS 2018