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June 2018

June 8th – Message to Y11 Parents
June 8th – Y11 Week 4 Student Revision Timetable
June 5th – Y11 Yearbook – Final Payment
June 5th – Softball Cricket Event

May 2018
May 25th – Wales High School Ofsted Inspection Report
May 25th – Student Privacy Notice and Data Protection
May 24th – Sports Leadership Academy
May 24th – Y7 Geography Fieldwork
May 24th – Y7 Conisbrough Castle
May 22nd – Sports Studies Kit
May 22nd – Blue Fusion Top
May 17th – Magna Chef – The Big Feast
May 17th – Y7, 8 9 Activities Day
May 15th – Year 11 Spanish Exam
May 15th – Y9 ATL Reward
May 11th – Important Information Relating to Y11 Exam Season
May 11th – Summer 2018 Student Revision Timetable
May 11th – Go4Schools Parent launch
May 9th – Y9 Masters Research – Parental Consent
May 9th – Cinema Night – Greatest Showman
May 9th – KS3 Spanish Watersports 2019
May 4th – Y10 The Big Feast
May 4th – Y11 Prom 2018
May 1st – Notice of Inspection
May 1st – School inspections – a guide for parents
May 1st – Y7 Science Visit to Thackray Medical Museum
May 1st – KS4-5 Visit to Madrid Change of Date

April 2018
April 30th – Salters’ Institute Festival of Chemistry
April 25th – KS3 Watersports Visit – Final Details and Kit List
April 23rd – Activities Day – The Deep
April 20th – Y9 English GCSE – Macbeth
April 19th – Visit to Ladyfield House
April 17th – Y7 Dead Ends Kids Reading Initiative
April 17th – GCSE PE Aston Leisure Centre
April 13th – Y8 Exam Week
April 13th – Sixth Form Art Visit S1 Studios Sheffield
April 11th – Y8 National Coal Mining Museum Jun 18
Apr 10th – Teen Tech letter
Apr 10th – GCSE French Spanish Speaking Exam May 2018
Apr 9th – Italy Music and Art Tour 2019 Second Deposit
Apr 9th – Y7 Exams Week

March 2018
Mar 21st – Easter English Homework Activity 2018
Mar 19th – Morrisons Bag Pack March 2018
Mar 12th – Upper Six Leavers Ball
Mar 9th – Leeds University Visit for Potential Year 12 EPQ Students
Mar 1st – Movement Evening 2018

February 2018
Feb 27th – Y8 Engish trip to Stratford – confirmed place
Feb 20th – KS4-5 Christmas Visit to Madrid
Feb 19th – Y9 Big Bang Fair
Feb 19th – Sixth Form Parents Evening
Feb 16th –Matilda Theatre Trip Further Information
Feb 9th – PE GCSE Revision Session
Feb 9th – KS4 Support Sessions and Clinics
Feb 8th – Letter to Parents – Measles, Chicken Pox Shingles and Gastroenteritis.
Feb 8th – Music and Art Tour – Italy 2019
Feb 7th – Y9 GCSE Food and Nutrition Taster Session
Feb 7th – Y8 Parents’ Evening
Feb 7th – Y11 MFL Challenge 2018
Feb 6th – Y8 BBC School Report Day
Feb 6th – Y12 Homerton College
Feb 5th – 6th Form Media Showroom Cinema Trip
Feb 5th – Y11 Interim Mock Exams 2018
Feb 5th – Year 7 Centre for Life Visit

January 2018
Lockdown Drill
Jan 31st – Year 8 English Stratford upon Avon
Jan 30th – Y9 Parents Evening
Jan 25th – Y9 Parents Evening
Jan 24th – Y11 and Y12 European Youth Parliament
Jan 16th – Year 10 Geog GCSE Revision and Practice Book
Jan 16th – Key Stage 3 Maths Revision Guides
Jan 12th – Year 8 Geography Visit to the Deep
Jan 11th – WHS Charity Hats
Jan 10th – Philosophy and Ethics A-Level Visit
Jan 9th – Year 9 – An Introduction to GCSE Physical Education

December 2017
Dec 19th – Y7 Lincoln Castle
Dec 14th – Year 8 Geography Visit to The Deep, Feb 18
Dec 13th – Rewards Letter 2017
Dec 11th – A Celebration of Book and Film
Dec 11th – KS3 French Watersports Visit
Dec 7th – A Level Geography Textbook
Dec 4th – NCS Letter
Dec 4th – Y11 Yearbook Deposit

November 2017
Nov 29th – Change of Date Y11 Visit to Eyam
Nov 29th – Y7 Visit to Lincoln Castle
Nov 20th – Y11 Mock Exam Letter 2017
Nov 13th – Christmas Production November 2017
Nov 10th – MFL Christmas Market Trip Nov 2017
Nov 9th – Year 7 Parents Evening 14 December 2017
Nov 7th – Letter to Parents – Y10 Parents Evening

October 2017
Oct 26th – GCSE French & Spanish Revision Sessions 2017 & 2018
Oct 24th – Sixth Form Art & Photography Visit – Turner Prize
Oct 23rd – GCSE French & Spanish Revision Guides October 2017
Oct 19th – Year 11 English Visit to Blood Brothers Nov 2017
Oct 18th – KS3 French Watersports Visit – May 2018
Oct 18th – Year 10 Science Newsletter
Oct 18th – GCSE Science Course Information
Oct 17th – Year 11 History Revision Session
Oct 16th – Geography Iceland Oct 2017 Final Details
Oct 16th – Year 7 Halloween Disco
Oct 12th – Y8 Football Trip Kit List and Itinerary
Oct 12th – Letter Y11 Parents Evening – Oct 2017
Oct 5th – 6th Form History Visit to Berlin
Oct 4th – Willows Sports Day Oct 2017
Oct 4th – Y13 Visit to Cranedale 2018
Oct 3rd – Y13 History Visit to London

September 2017
Sep 29th – Maths Inspiration Tour
Sep 29th – Expression of Interest – Matilda in London March 18
Sep 29th – A-Level Science Endeavour Contract
Sep 27th – Tech Visit to Bridon Wire Ropes
Sep 26th – Science Ambassador Trip
Sep 26th – Geog Visit to Blackburn
Sep 26th – PE Trip Sheffield Sharks Basketball
Sep 26th – Geog Visit to Burbage Brook
Sep 26th – Geog Visit to Sheffield
Sep 25th  – Y8 Football Trip to Symi
Sep 21st – Titanic Visit
Sep 21st – Letter to parents – King Arthur Visit
Sep 19th – Bus Update
Sep 12th – Bus Information Letter
Sep 12th – Zero Fare Pass Information
Sep 4th – Scientific Calculator Letter Sept 2017

August 2017
Aug 27th – Final Arrangements Worksop Bus
Aug 27th – Arrangements for Wednesday 6 Sept

July 2017
Jul 31st – Worksop Bus Letter
Jul 19th – Uniform Letter July 2017
Jul 12th – PE Department Parental Email Contact
Jul 11th – A Level Geography Investigation Letter July 2017
Jul 11th – Rugby Permission to Play 2017 18
Jul 11th – Y6 Team Building Day Letter
Jul 7th – Change to school day JULY 2017
Jul 7th – Symi Visit Greece July 2017 Y7 Boys
Jul 7th – Harry Potter Change to Schedule letter
Jul 6th – Crest Letter

June 2017
Jun 29th – Emergency Planning Letter
Jun 29th – Snapchat Letter
Jun 28th – Letter to Parents June 2017
Jun 21st – Parent Nomination Form
Jun 21st – Letter Parent Governor Election
Jun 7th – Y10 Mock Examinations Letter June 2017
Jun 7th – Y10 Mock Examinations Timetable June 2017
Jun 6th – Higher Education Information Evening Letter June 2017
Jun 6th – Rother Valley VL
Jun 5th – Sheffield Mosque June 2017