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Activities Day – 12 July 2019
Alton Towers
Bounce and Slide
Chester Zoo
Doncaster Dome
Flamingo Land
Go Ape
Golf at Bondhay
Mountain Biking
National Videogame Museum
Rock Climbing
Rother Valley
Snozone Xscape
York Dungeons
Yorkshire Wildlife Park

June 2019
June 26th – Skiing 2020
June 25th – KS5 Physics CERN Final Details
June 20th – Arts in Care Home Open Day Visit
June 18th – SEND Kwik Cricket
June 18th – Rotherham Shakespeare Festival – Macbeth
June 18th – PE OCR Visit to Rother Valley
June 17th – KS4 PE Drop In Session
June 14th – Y10 MFL Mock Exams
June 14th – Paraguayan Exchange 2020
June 12th – Y7 Head of Year
June 7th – Y12 Art Yorkshire Artspace, Sheffield
June 7th – Y9 Sheffield University Workshop
June 5th – Y10 Exams

May 2019
May 28th – Y7 Parents Evening
May 28th – GCSE Geeography – Holderness Coast Visit
May 28th – Royal Academy of Engineering
May 28th – GCSE PE Athletics Assessment
May 28th – A-Level Geography Investigation
May 28th – A Level Geography – Urban Field Trip
May 28th – Y10 English Literature – An Inspector Calls
May 28th – Y10 History Battlefields Visit
May 28th – Y7 Geography Visit to Kiveton
May 16th – The Big Feast
May 15th – Y10 PE Loughborough University
May 15th – Y12 Physics & Chemistry Progress Exams
May 14th – 2019 Netball World Cup
May 14th – Y13 Leave of Absence
May 14th – Y12 Leave of Absence
May 9th – A Level H&S Careers Event
May 8th – Y11 Prom 2019
May 8th – Y8 History National Coal Mining Museum
May 7th – Y13 Biology Cranedale
May 3rd – Football and Netball Tour 2020
May 1st – Learning Support Cooking Night

April 2019
Apr 30th – Y13 Leavers Ball
Apr 30th – DofE Silver Expedition
Apr 30th – DofE Bronze Expedition
Apr 29th – Italy Music and Art Tour 2019 Final Payment
Apr 29th – Activities Day 2019
Apr 12th – GCSE English Language Paper 1 Grade 7 8 9 Flash Cards
Apr 12th – GCSE English Language Paper 1 Grade 5 6 Flash Cards
Apr 12th – GCSE English Literature Study Pack
Apr 11th – Y7 Exam Week
Apr 10th – Y8 Exam Week
Apr 9th – A-Level Philosophy & Ethics Visit Manchester University
Apr 9th – A-Level Geography Review Magazine
Apr 8th – Y9 GCSE English Macbeth
Apr 5th – Message to Y11 Parents – Unstoppable Teen
Apr 5th – Y11 Revision Sessions
Apr 4th – Sound Junction Concert
Apr 4th – KS3 Watersports Provisional Itinerary
Apr 1st – Y7 Reading Initiative The Demon Headmaster
Apr 1st – Learning Support Cinema Night
Apr 1st – Rugby Readers Visit to Headingley

March 2019
Mar 29th – Message from the Headteacher – Resources for Y11
Mar 29th – Y11 English Language Revision
Mar 29th – Y11 English Literature Revision
Mar 29th – Y11 Maths Foundation Revision
Mar 29th – Y11 Maths Higher Revision
Mar 29th – Y11 Science Revision
Mar 29th – Mad Hatters Tea Party at Treeton Care Home
Mar 27th – GCSE Maths & English Revision Sessions
Mar 27th – English Revision Guides
Mar 27th – Y10 History WW1 Battlefields
Mar 22nd – Message from the Headteacher – Y11 Revision
Mar 21st – PE Team Tops 2019
Mar 15th – Non-Uniform Day – Friday 22 March
Mar 15th – Message from the Headteacher – Y11 Progress
Mar 14th – Y10 Parents Evening
Mar 12th – Y11 Parents Evening
Mar 8th – Message from the Headteacher – Y11 Provision
Mar 8th – Rugby Readers Programme
Mar 7th – Y12 European Youth Parliament Regional Forum
Mar 7th – KS5 Biology VIVIT
Mar 5th – GCSE PE Twilight Revision Session
Mar 5th – Drama & Literacy Reward Visit to Grimm & Co
Mar 5th – The Big Feast @ Magna
Mar 4th – 6th Form Parents Evening
Mar 4th – A Level PE Twilight Revision
Mar 4th – GCSE Health and Social Care Event
Mar 1st – Movement Evening

February 2019
Feb 28th – Learning Support Rewards & Social Evening
Feb 28th – GCSE PE Revision Conference
Feb 27th – GCSE PE Athletics Assessment
Feb 27th – Geography Masterclass
Feb 27th – Y11 English Revision Guide Order Form
Feb 26th – KS3 Spanish Watersports
Feb 26th – Music and Art Tour 2019
Feb 13th – L3 Engineering Visit to Onyx
Feb 12th – Annual Sports Ball 2019
Feb 12th – KS3 Girls Literacy Club
Feb 8th – English Visit to New York
Feb 8th – BTEC Dance Hoodie
Feb 7th – Y8 Individualised Study Programme
Feb 6th – GCSE PE Assessment
Feb 6th – Y7 Science National Space Centre
Feb 6th – Y10 RE London Itinerary
Feb 6th – Y9 Science Big Bang Fair
Feb 6th – Y9 Parents Evening
Feb 6th – Y12 Royal Society of Chemistry Analysts Competition
Feb 6th – KS5 Business Tutor2U Revision Conference
Feb 6th – Annual Sports Ball 2019
Feb 5th – Y8 Parents Evening
Feb 5th – KS5 Physics CERN Change of Date

January 2019
Jan 25th – Y8 Stratford upon Avon
Jan 22nd – KS5 Professional Interview Evening
Jan 22nd – KS3 Visit to Bletchley Park
Jan 18th – Y9 Introduction to PE GCSE
Jan 18th – Iceland 2019 Parents Meeting
Jan 18th – Art Visit to Harry Potter Studios
Jan 15th – Y7 English Stratford Confirmation
Jan 9th – Changes to the School Day on Friday 11 January 2019
Jan 9th – Y9 Geography The Deep
Jan 9th – Berlin 2019 Information Meeting
Jan 8th – Harry Potter Studios Final Details

December 2018
Dec 19th – Y9 Options Parents Briefing Evening
Dec 19th – KS4-5 MFL Visit to Madrid
Dec 19th – Y11 Yearbook
Dec 17th – School Bus Update December 18
Dec 14th – Y7 English Visit to Stratford
Dec 13th –Y7 English Yorkshire Wildlife Park
Dec 12th – A-Level PE Revision Programme Manchester
Dec 10th – Y11 Examination Reader Pen
Dec 7th – Magna Chef Christmas Lunch
Dec 7th – KS5 H&SC Disneyland Paris Information Meeting
Dec 7th – A Level Social Science Tutor 2U Revision Workshop
Dec 4th – OCR Sport L3 Visit to Graves Leisure Centre
Dec 4th – Y10 PE Visit to Loughborough University

November 2018
Nov 30th – GCSE English Literature Poetry Live
Nov 27th – Visit to Ladyfield House
Nov 19th – Y9 Art Visit Harry Potter Studios Balance Due
Nov 19th – Y10 History Visit to WWI Battlefields Payment Due
Nov 14th – Y12 History Visit to Berlin
Nov 14th – Y10 Parents Evening
Nov 13th – Y12 Geography Residential Visit to Cranedale
Nov 13th – Italy Music and Art Tour 2019 Payments
Nov 13th – Health and Social Revision Guide
Nov 12th – Jesus Christ Superstar Tickets
Nov 9th – Go for Schools Update
Nov 7th – GCSE English Language Literature Revision Guides
Nov 6th – KS5 Spanish Visit to London
Nov 6th – KS5 Food Studies Food Matters Live

October 2018
Oct 25th – Work Experience Letter
Oct 25th – Block Placement SAP Form
Oct 25th – Y11 National Citizen Service
Oct 23rd – Y10 Science Course Information
Oct 23rd – GCSE Drama and A Level Theatre Studies Troilus and Cressida
Oct 23rd – Duke of Edinburgh Award
Oct 23rd – Learning Support Dept Kingswood Residential
Oct 23rd – Duke of Edinburgh Award
Oct 22nd – KS5 H&SC Disneyland Paris
Oct 22nd – Y11 Parents Evening October 2018
Oct 17th – GCSE French & Spanish Revision Guides
Oct 16th – Sponsored Walk – Short Walk
Oct 16th – Y7 & Y8 Halloween Disco
Oct 16th – U13s Rotherham Cup Girls Cricket
Oct 11th – England v Japan at Twickenham
Oct 11th – Y9 Achievement Points Reward Evening
Oct 11th – Y8 Achievement Points Reward Evening
Oct 11th – Y7 Achievement Points Reward Evening
Oct 11th – L3 Engineering Bridon Wire Ropes
Oct 10th – Sixth Form Parents Evening
Oct 9th – Y9 Art Harry Potter Studios
Oct 9th – Wasps vs Bristol Bears
Oct 8th – RUCT Coffee Morning
Oct 8th – RUCST Black History Month Tournament
Oct 2nd – Y10 Subject Targets
Oct 2nd – Maths Inspiration Tour
Oct 1st – Sponsored Walk 2018 Letter

September 2018
Sep 25th – Harms of Hate Event 2018

August 2018
Aug 10th – Worksop Bus Final Arrangements

July 2018
Jul 19th – Y12 Examination Results Day Letter 2018
Jul 19th – Y13 Examination Results Day Letter 2018
Jul 19th – Y11 External students to WHS 2018
Jul 19th – Y11 Students not returning to WHS 2018
Jul 19th – Y11 students returning to WHS 2018