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Curriculum, vision and aims.

Having an understanding of politics in Britain, and beyond, is key to helping young people become rounded and active citizens. A-Level Politics at Wales High School offers a broad introduction to politics, providing a grounding in a number of areas of political life, as well as focusing on the development of independent and critical thinking skills. These skills are absolutely crucial and we aim to focus on helping pupils hone these as well as learning new information to support and substantiate their opinions.

Year 12 provides an introduction to the British Political System. The “UK Politics” module we start with covers the nature of politics and some of the ways people engage with it in the UK. From the beginning here an interest in current affairs, a willingness to read and share your views will be key. Later in year 12 we cover “UK Government” which aims to help students understand how, by whom and why, political decisions are made in the UK. Again, independent reading and ideas are encouraged, with much of the content in “UK government” linking to the ideas covered in “UK Politics”.

The world we live in is fantastically diverse and rich, something we wish to engage with in year 13. In “global politics” we will consider how power is gained, applied and understood across the globe as well as how it is used to try and solve the big issues of our time, such as climate change and global poverty.

The politics department wants to help enable pupils to form and clearly articulate their own opinions, in order to improve their ability to engage positively with the world around them and we hope you will consider studying with us.

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