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Contacting Wales High School

You can contact us in a variety of ways – by email, website messaging, post or telephone.  If you are not sure who you need to contact, our admin team would be happy to advise.

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    Wales High School
    Storth Lane
    Kiveton Park
    Sheffield     S26 5QQ


    Go4Schools [email protected]
    ICT Support [email protected]
    Y6 Transition [email protected]
    Finance [email protected]
    Attendance [email protected]
    Exams Office [email protected]
    General Enquiries [email protected]
    Ms Unwin Head of Year 7 [email protected]
    Mr Asquith Deputy Head of Year 7 [email protected]
    Mrs Taylor Year 7 PSA [email protected]
    Mr Radford Head of Year 8 [email protected]
    Miss Nuttall Deputy Head of Year 8 [email protected]
    Mrs Wright Deputy Head of Year 8 [email protected]
    Miss Sell Year 7 PSA [email protected]
    Mrs Roberts-Commons Head of Year 9 [email protected]
    Mr Day Deputy Head of Year 9 [email protected]
    Mrs Bloomer Year 9 PSA [email protected]
    Miss Race Head of Year 10 [email protected]
    Miss Gladwin Deputy Head of Year 10 [email protected]
    Mr West Deputy Head of Year 10 [email protected]
    Mrs Lazenby Year 10 PSA [email protected]
    Mrs Harrison Head of Year 11 [email protected]
    Miss Thorneycroft Deputy Head of Year 11 [email protected]
    Mrs Tidswell Deputy Head of Year 11 [email protected]
    Mrs Siddall Year 11 PSA [email protected]
    Mrs Lockyer Head of Sixth-Form [email protected]
    Mr Howard Deputy Head of Sixth-Form
    Miss Finney Post-16 Support (Sixth-Form)
    Mrs Edwards Post-16 Advisor (Sixth-Form)

    How To Find Us