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English – KS5

English at Key Stage 5

Our Language and Literature A-level draws on stylistics to explore a range of both fiction and non-fiction texts. From novels to drama and poetry to anthologies, our students will delve into a range of literary and non-literary, multimodal texts in a range of genres.

We have chosen the AQA Language & Literature combined course as it offers an excellent range of set texts and ensures students become skilled in analytical writing. ‘Telling Stories’ focuses on how and why stories are told; the way in which writers and speakers present stories, and how language choices help to shape the representations of different worlds and perspectives. ‘Exploring Conflict’ looks at how these choices help to construct the idea of conflict within people and their societies. ‘Making connections’ allows students to reflect critically, making connections across the course as a whole, including their own language choices. There are also exciting opportunities for creative writing in an examined unit & an independent investigation of the students’ choice, assessed through a coursework component.

The course is designed to ensure students are independent, analytical, critical thinkers providing them with the opportunity to become text producers & interpreters, preparing them effectively for further education or for enhanced employability.

Lang/Lit at Wales is a challenging course, yet we are a supportive and knowledgeable team, offering a range of experiences and expertise allowing students to explore their passion for English.

In A Level English Literature, we set out to turn thoughtful Key Stage 4 readers into engaged and critical thinkers. Our Sixth Formers have the opportunity to study a range of texts from different genres and historical periods, and refine their thinking skills and written expression. As a Key Stage 5 English team, we have a range of subject specialisms and expertise in exam marking and coursework support which enables us to challenge our students and support them to achieve at their very best. We take pride in the relationships that are built in the classroom and extend support to students that is tailored to their needs.

We produce perceptive students who not only express their ideas with assurance, but with critical thought and sensitivity too. These skills complement many subject areas offered within the Sixth Form, and are also highly desirable to University admissions tutors and recruiters in a range of future careers.

Our A Level English Literature course follows AQA specification A. It offers students a stimulating and varied range of set texts to enjoy, approaching them through the lens of historicism. In the ‘Love Through the Ages’ unit texts are sourced from across a very broad time period, whereas in the ‘Modern Times’ unit the texts we study come from a clearly defined time period (specifically, after 1945). Our students read widely and the excellent teaching and learning we pride ourselves on draws on an extensive range of texts and ideas.