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Wales High School GCSE Results


Students Celebrating their GCSE Results

From left to right: Euan Armstrong, Olivia Sheldon, Nadine Groves, Ethan Rimmer, Charlie Kelly, Joseph Fretwell, Zach Tan, Mason Ryan, Alarnie Speed.

The students of Wales High School were celebrating some outstanding achievements in their GCSE qualifications today. This GCSE results day marks the first year of relative normality following Covid disruptions, and many students were anxious about how they would fare after this unique period of instability and uncertainty.

Deserving of special mention were Alarnie Speed, who achieved a staggering total of nine grade 9s. Also achieving highly were Hannah Poole (seven 9s and two 8s), Emily Bamber (eight 9s and one 7) and Olivia Sheldon (seven 9s and three 8s).  Also enjoying a glut of top grades were Nadine Groves, Ebony Batty, Joseph Fretwell, Euan Armstrong, Matthew Arden and Ethan Rimmer.


Pepe Di’Iasio, Headteacher, said, “This academic year has been a year like no other, and yet again the students of Wales High School have responded to unprecedented challenges with resilience and positivity. Whilst we have welcomed the return to normality, there is no denying that a return to regular examination routines has put immense pressure on young people across the country, and today, our students need to celebrate how they have succeeded under such pressure. This year group have always demonstrated such ability and resilience, since arriving to us in 2017, and they should be immensely proud of their well-deserved achievements today.”