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This A-Level is a two year qualification.  This linear course offers students an in-depth study of British history in the 15th and 16th centuries and post war + Nazi Germany 1414 – 1945. Students will undertake independent research throughout and the course will involve the use and evaluation of historical sources. The course also includes coursework covering 100 years of Russia.

History is one of the most respected academic subjects and is accepted and recognised as such by all universities and Higher Education/Further Education establishments and employers. Recently, top Russel group universities stated the History A-Level enhanced applications for Law, Politics and Economics. Furthermore, it equips students with a wide variety of skills which are essential to life in general and a wide variety of employment opportunities.

Careers for which History is relevant include:
• Economics
• Public Relations
• Civil Service
• Politics
• Journalism
• Medicine
• Marketing
• Conservation
• Police
• Armed Forces
• Architecture
• Law
• Teaching
• Tourism

Year 12 students will be invited to attend a residential visit to Berlin.  Year 13 students are offered a residential to London, to visit sites relevant to the British aspect of the course.  This trip also provides an opportunity to undertake research at the National Archives to support coursework. Revision drop-in lunchtime sessions will be available for all students as well as extra classes after school for individual coursework mentoring.  Students will also receive individual mentoring to ensure they fulfil or exceed their potential.  A wide variety of resources are also available on the VLE.

5 GCSEs 9 – 5 including English and History. You do not need to have studied History at GCSE to be able to study this course but we could expect a Grade 6 in English.

• Component 1: Consolidation of the Tudor dynasty (1485 – 1547)
• Component 2: The Weimar republic (1918 – 1933)
• Component 3: Historical Investigation; Russia (1855 – 1964)

• Component 1: England: Turmoil and Triumph (1547 – 1603)
• Component 2: Nazi Germany (1933 – 1945)

The Examination Board for this course is AQA.

For further information, please contact - Mr F Oxby / [email protected] or Mr Asquith / [email protected]