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Core PE & Dance – KS3

Core PE & Dance at Key Stage 3

Year 7:
Students will understand the importance of maximum effort in physical activity. They will demonstrate increased independence in the form of cooperation, communication and organisation. Their ability to make decisions will be enhanced They will understand the requirements for a range of activities and be able to preform transfer skills across the different activity themes. Students will be able to safety and effectively prepare themselves for activity.​

Year 8:
Students will understand the importance of respect in physical activity. They will demonstrate increased analytical skills and give feedback. Their ability to solve problems will be enhanced. Students will be able to consolidate prior learning and develop the ability to apply skills in an increasingly challenging setting. ​

Year 9:
Students will be confident performers, where motivation is key to their involvement in lifelong activities. Students should feel confident to be creative, try new experiences and activities. Students will demonstrate tactical application across the different activity themes​.

In Year 9 students begin to examine different dance styles and develop their performance skills. Students will analyse professional work and learn set phrases that portray a given stimulus. Performing is a large part of this course and pupils will have opportunities to perform at movement evening and other school events. The aim is to give the students an insight and prepare them fully in readiness for the BTEC course in Year 10 should they choose to do it.

Dance in Year 9 allows students to explore different dance styles. They will explore a range of popular, modern and/or classical dance styles. Within this unit of work, students will also further develop their performance skills including; accuracy, focus, extension and timing. Assessment will focus on the demonstration of accurate stylistic features as well as other key performance skills.