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This course is offered at A2 only.  This course builds on the knowledge, understanding and skills gained at GCSE. You will have the opportunity to study and focus on language, culture and society and develop transferable skills, including communication, critical thinking and creativity, which are valuable to the individual and society. A range of interesting topics will be studied under the guidance of experienced staff, who will use a variety of modern resources.  Students have access to their own resources and are supported in developing independence.

French can be useful in many areas of working life including law, engineering, medicine, business, finance and banking, travel and tourism, social and civil services, teaching and translating.  A qualification in French shows that you have the ability to organise material, to think analytically, to argue and explain your opinions, and to use your imagination and creativity – all qualities that universities and employers look for in a candidate.

Studying French gives you an insight into a different culture and way of thinking.  It is a well-respected qualification that can help secure a place at university where your course may offer the opportunity to study or work abroad.

Students may attend a small group conversation lesson each week with a member of the department to boost their confidence and practise core skills. Students are also encouraged to complete an independent, wider reading log which includes accessing films, TV, newspapers and books. There are also extracurricular opportunities on offer within the French department, including city breaks to French Christmas markets as well as opportunities to mix with the department at cinema events and team meals. A-Level French students also have the chance to participate in working with younger students at Super Learning Day events and Y6 transition.

5 GCSEs 9 – 5. French Grade 6, will interview a Grade 5 (must have sat the higher paper).

You will study aspects of French speaking society: current trends and issues, such as the changing nature of family; the cyber society and voluntary work; positive features of a diverse society; life for the marginalised and how criminals are treated.
You will also develop an understanding of Artistic culture, e.g. contemporary music, and cinema as the 7th art form.
You will develop the skills of comprehension, summarising and translating into English.

You will continue to study Aspects of French Society, current trends, issues, and Artistic Culture.  You will also study one book and one film from the French speaking world, on which you will write an essay.

• Paper 1: 50% listening, reading and transition into English.
• Paper 2: 20% writing and translation into French.
• Paper 3: 30% speaking.

The Examination Board for this course is AQA.

There will be opportunities to attend a variety of stimulating and rewarding study sessions and webinars provided by a variety of educational providers.

For further information, please contact - Miss King / [email protected]