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Fine Art

fine art

This A-Level is a two year linear qualification. This option covers a broad area of study that includes painting, drawing, ceramics, sculpture, installation and conceptual art. It utilises traditional, new and emerging media and processes and involves expressive use of a wide range of materials, techniques and skills.

Students will initially be taught through workshops which focus on the acquisition of valuable skills
(including experimentation, risk-taking, drawing and the ability to analyse and synthesise information and ideas) as well as learning to develop and refine techniques. Understanding the practice of other artists is a vital aspect of this course and students learn to critically evaluate and analyse their own work in context. As the course progresses students use these skills more independently to develop their own line of study, culminating in an exhibition of their practical work and a written Exhibition Guide (1000-3000 words).

The varied nature of this linear qualification is a firm foundation for student entry into Higher Education.  This in turn has led many of our students into careers in Illustration, Media, Advertising, Architecture, Animation, Games Design, Theatre Design, Furniture Design, Jewellery Design, Fashion, Interior and Product Design.

• Visit Galleries and Art Spaces – independently and with your art class.
• Art Demonstrations – participate in workshops to improve skills.
• Art Film Nights – watch artists at work, be involved in contemporary debate and find new influences to inspire you.
• Art Awareness – be aware of art events happening in the area.
• Introductory workshops – try out new materials (e.g. Printmaking, photoshop, ceramics, paper mache).

• Foundation Skills Workshops
• Component 1: Personal Investigation

A portfolio of practical work based on a theme that reflects personal interests and evidences the exploration of a wide range of Fine Art materials.

•Continuation of Component 1: Personal Investigation Coursework completion in January of Year 13, concluding with an exhibition and written Gallery Guide.
•Component 2: Externally Set Assignment: Work produced within a specific time-frame in response to an externally set brief, final piece of work completed in 15 hours under exam conditions.

Assessment for A-Level: Component 1 – 60% and Component 2 – 40%

The Examination Board for this course is Eduqas.

What costs might be involved?
Students are encouraged to purchase a portfolio and a range of resources (e.g. acrylic paint) to work with in order to be able to complete additional work at home, and then to be able to transport work to and from school.

• 5 GCSEs 9 – 5 including Art.
• Students without Art qualifications will be considered on the merits of an application portfolio.
• Successful students will need to use their initiative and passion for the subject to complete work in their own time.

For further information, please contact - Miss J Podmore / [email protected]