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Extended Project Qualification


This is a one year course for Sixth Form students who are able to demonstrate A*/A/B potential across their full A levels during the progression of their first year in Sixth Form. This qualification offers a unique opportunity to create an independent project.  The project is devised by the student in any subject or area of personal interest of their choice. The possibilities are endless. For example, students may choose to produce an extended written report covering an aspect of their chosen subject specialism, conduct a scientific experiment, create a piece of sculpture, write the opening to a novel or script a television show, compose an original piece of music, put on a live event, hold a debate or give a lecture to a select audience.

This qualification is intended to allow students to demonstrate their ability to succeed at university level and to prove their true intentions to university admissions tutors and course leaders (that, as a student, you are serious and focused on the subject you wish to study beyond Sixth Form).  This A Level qualification carries A* potential and a maximum of 28 UCAS points.  Reputable universities, including members of the Russell Group, show a keen interest in this qualification and will take it into serious consideration when considering UCAS applications from students of equal academic worth.  Students wishing to apply to the most competitive universities in this country should seriously consider taking this qualification.  Any student wanting to study a new subject at university, one that they have not had the opportunity to study to date, should seriously consider this qualification, for example: medicine, law, architecture, journalism, animation, forensic science, veterinary practice.

One-to-one supervision provided on a weekly basis.

This course is offered in Year 13. Students are invited to apply and will be selected for a place on the course through a rigorous consideration of their academic potential and independent ability to engage with the demands of the course.

You will have one timetabled session per week with a supervisor who will offer guidance to help you to provide the examiner with:
• A completed Candidate Record Form
• An extended written report or artefact with supporting written support
• A bibliography
• Proof of a presentation to an audience

The Examination Board for this course is AQA.

Universities are looking for you to complete this qualification as proof of your ability to cope with the demands of university study. It will prove your ability to: manage a self-initiated project, complete valid research, develop and fully realise your work; critically review your work. As a student, you will be expected to be an independent learner.

For further information, please contact - Mrs Flintoft-Howe / [email protected]