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Core Mathematics (Level 3)

core maths

Core Mathematics is a Post-16 level 3 qualification for students who want to continue their mathematical studies but who do not want to study A-Level Mathematics. It is suitable for students who studied Mathematics at the higher tier of GCSE.

The focus in Core Mathematics is how Mathematics is used in real life applications and how it will be useful in the world of work.

Core Mathematics is not an A-Level but is equivalent to an AS Level in terms of UCAS points. It is designed to be taken alongside three A Levels.

Core Mathematics is useful for anyone who is thinking of taking a degree where mathematical skills are important, e.g. Biology, Psychology, Economics, Business and many more. It will be very useful for any students taking A-Levels in these subjects.

As Core Maths is so cross-curricular in nature, we constantly exploit opportunities to bring the work we do in to the real world, Just some examples of this is work the students have done on budgeting, student loans and mortgages. The students have found this incredibly useful and informative.

5 GCSEs 9 – 4 with grade 5 and above in higher tier GCSE Mathematics.

Core Mathematics is a two year course and a two year commitment. It is taught for two hours a week. Students are assessed at the end of the course by two exams both 1h 30 min duration. There is no coursework.

Students will study Core Content for Paper 1 which includes Statistical Techniques, Financial Maths and Fermi Estimates. In addition they will study Statistical Techniques in greater detail for Paper 2. These papers are equally weighted and the teaching of this course material is spread over the two years, with a much greater emphasis on exam technique in Year 13.

The Examination Board for this course is AQA.

For further information, please contact - Mr C Bonnen-Brailsford / [email protected]