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A-Level Chemistry is now a two year linear course culminating in terminal examinations.  The practical side of chemistry is no longer assessed through coursework, but instead in exam questions within the three A2 papers.  Practical activities are still an integral part of the course, and students will work towards gaining a Practical Endorsement of their skills.

Students are entered for the AS examinations at the end of Y12 in order to give them experience of sitting AQA papers in exam conditions, ahead of the A2 exams in Y13.

A-Level Chemistry is highly regarded by both universities and potential employers.  It can lead to careers in a wide range of fields, including, but not limited to: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Physiotherapy, Biomedical Sciences, Research, Engineering, Law, Forensics and many more. Taking Chemistry at A-Level certainly won’t limit your options!

Enrichment opportunities in Chemistry include visiting speakers to discuss STEM-related careers and participation in the Royal Society of Chemistry’s annual Olympiad. We also organise University trips so that our students can carry out experiments in a real laboratory before examining their compounds on powerful analytical machines. We run regular lunchtime and after school support sessions to help our students achieve their potential.

5 GCSEs 9 – 5 including English. Grade 6 Chemistry or 7/6 Combined Science and Grade 6 Mathematics.

Students will study a broad range of topics from all three disciplines of Chemistry – Organic, Inorganic and Physical.
These include:
• Atomic Structure
• Bonding
• Calculations
• Energetics
• Kinetics
• Organic Mechanisms
• Redox Reactions

Students will build on topics covered in the Lower Sixth alongside new topics such as:
• Acids and Bases
• Aromatic Chemistry
• DNA and Protein Structure
• Electrochemistry
• Structure Determination
• Transition Metal Chemistry
• The impact of Ethical Considerations

The Examination Board for this course is AQA.
• Paper 1: 2 hours, 105 marks, 35% of grade
• Paper 2: 2 hours, 105 marks, 35% of grade
• Paper 3: 2 hours, 90 marks, 30% of grade (includes some multiple choice questions)

For further information, please contact - Mr M Day / [email protected]