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Business Studies

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A-Level Business Studies is a two year linear course.  This is an exciting, engaging and enjoyable course that will allow you to link real businesses to your learning.   You will study how businesses make decisions in relation to marketing, human resources, operations and finance.  You will learn about different management and leadership styles and how businesses manage change.

You can access the plethora of business degrees offered by universities, or specialise in one specific area such as marketing.  It also gives you an underpinning knowledge of the business world, which will support you in a variety of professions.

Additional support is offered throughout the course to ensure that all students are able to develop and consolidate their analytical and evaluation skills.  Local businesses frequently visit school so that theoretical concepts can be seen in practice.  Students have an opportunity to take part in visits, including a trip to the Jaguar Manufacturing Plant in Castle Bromwich.

5 GCSEs 9 – 5 including English and Mathematics.

• What is business
• Management, leadership and decision-making
• Decision-making to improve marketing performance
• Decision-making to improve operational performance
• Decision-making to improve human resource performance

• Analysing the strategic position of a business
• Choosing strategic direction
• Strategic methods: how to pursue strategies
• Managing strategic change

The Examination Board for this course is AQA.

This is a linear course.  Students sit three examinations at the end of the second year.
• Paper 1: Three sections to include: multiple choice, short answer questions and essay questions. (two hour written exam – 100 marks, 33.3% of A-Level)
• Paper 2: Three data response questions. (two hour exam – 100 marks, 33.3% of A-Level)
• Paper 3: A case study followed by questions. (two hour written exam – 100 marks, 33.3% of A-Level)

For further information, please contact:   Mr N Owen / [email protected]