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Religious Studies – KS5

Religious Studies at Key Stage 5

In KS5 we build still further on the excellent achievements at KS4. Our intention is to create the very best Philosophers and Theologists, by challenging our students to have an excellent work ethic. Our superb KS5 team does this not only through first rate subject knowledge and excellent teaching, but by providing a safe and supportive environment where our Sixth Formers know that help is always on hand.

In this way, we produce students of the highest calibre who can work with independence and are always willing to question what they believe or understand. Discussion within the subject is vital to unpick different ethical and moral theories and also to answer the difficult philosophical questions of our time.

We are very student-centred and make ourselves available to students outside of lessons, at lunchtimes, after school and via email. It is true to say we really care about what happens to our students after Sixth Form. Hence, an important part of the team’s role is to explore how their academic achievements will support them in their future career aspirations.

In terms of curriculum, our A level students follow the OCR specification. We find that this offers clear, familiar and accessible resources and exams and hence gives our students the best chance to succeed in this most difficult of subjects.