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The Bridge

Our specialist ASD Resource, The Bridge, is located within the Learning Support Department.


The SEND provision at Wales High School includes an integrated resource for students with ASD, which opened September 2020. The integrated resource will take five Year 7 pupils each September, growing to a maximum of twenty-five students over the coming years as subsequent Year 7 cohorts are accepted each September.

Ethos and Aims

The integrated ASD resource at Wales High School aims to provide academically able students with ASD the support they require to access a mainstream learning community. We aim to ensure that every student has the opportunity to fulfil their academic potential within a supportive and nurturing environment. Alongside this, we aim to support students to develop their social skills within both bespoke classes and the wider learning community. As students progress through their time within the ASD resource we aim to prepare them for a fulfilling, independent and positive life within their local communities.


All students within the integrated ASD resource will be supported to access to mainstream lessons through a highly personalised timetable in accordance with their EHCP. This will take into consideration the individual students’ strengths, wishes and needs and be reviewed on a regular basis. Alongside inclusion in mainstream lessons, students will have access to a bespoke curriculum within the integrated ASD resource. This will allow students to access a broad and balanced curriculum that is specifically tailored to their needs. All students will have access to a full life skills curriculum within the resource that specifically aims to develop the skills outlined in the Preparing for Adulthood framework. As students prepare for life beyond Wales High School we will seek to offer a bespoke programme of transition onto each individual student’s next steps.


Admission arrangements for the Integrated ASD Resource

Throughout the admissions process we aim to work closely with the young person, their parents/carers, existing provision and the Local Authority. The following criteria will apply in deciding whether the resource can provide suitable provision to meet the needs of an individual:

  • The student has an EHCP which indicates ASD as the primary need.
  • The EP report must be supportive of the need for a specialist provision.
  • All places are consulted on via Rotherham’s SEN Panel process.
  • The student is likely to require specialist support and the availability of a specialist facility (e.g. small group or calm area) to spend periods of time (to be decided on a personalised basis) outside the mainstream classroom, over and above that normally available in a mainstream school without an autism spectrum resource.
  • The student has the potential to manage the elements of an academic and social environment of a mainstream school with skilled specialist support and consistent implementation of an individually tailored programme. This would include access to the wider curriculum and interaction with peers.
  • The student’s cognitive ability will be within the mainstream range. The EP report should include assessments or observations to support this.
  • Students’ language skills and behaviour should be at a level which enables them to safely and appropriately access a range of informal and formal activities.
  • Students’ needs are described in their EHC Plan, including co-morbid conditions should be matched to the resources available at Wales High School.