Y8 Visit to Doncaster Races

donracesOur Maths trip to Doncaster Races was very exciting and we took part in lots of activities. We started by getting dressed in real jockey silks in a variety of colours.

Using information from our racing booklets we looked at the symmetry of some of the silks and worked out how much different silks would cost depending on how complicated the design was. We investigated looking at estimating and measuring distances round the parade ring. We showed out results on a ‘human bar chart’.

We found the average of everyone’s results and discussed why different people could have different results. We used this information to work out the number of horses which can fit in the ring safely.

We were able to go behind the scenes and went into Weighing Room where we used conversions from imperial measures to metric measures to solve problems. We also got to see inside the Stewards Room where we found out about how much jockeys got paid per race and what they can get in trouble for, in a race.

Finally, we went out onto the race course itself. We looked at the hurdles and what they were made out of. We looked at how far a thoroughbred can take off from a jump, it was much further away
than we thought it would be. We investigated how far a furlong was and we had our own mini race to run 1 furlong (200m).

We really enjoyed the trip to Doncaster Race Course. It was really fun and we learned some useful maths skills. Thank you Ms Hutchcroft and Mr Tillison for taking us on this trip.

By Kelly Senior, Georgia Oxspring, Lauren McDonald, Jessica Smith and Melissa Driver.