Wales High School Hosts Be Strong Online

On 1st November our school hosted a “Be Strong Online Ambassador” training event. The event is organised by The Diana Award and aims to train young people to be ‘Be Strong Online Ambassadors’. The training is a peer-led scheme to help young people explore the digital world safely.

Covering topics including cyberbullying, digital footprint, peer pressure online and selfies and self-esteem, the training empowers students to share their experiences of the digital world, encourage positive online behaviour and develop skills in areas such as public speaking and leadership.

Twelve of our students from years eight and nine applied and were successful in being selected for the training which involved other schools in South Yorkshire.

After becoming ‘Be Strong Online Ambassadors’, the students are now responsible for running short educational sessions for other students on online safety, facilitating discussions about students’ digital lives and online behaviour and running campaigns across school to raise awareness of digital issues.