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Wales High School Student Helps Community Member Make 999 Call

Bobby Warburton, Year 8 Student, received a huge ‘pat on the back’ on Thursday 25th April after helping a community member make a 999 call.

Bobby was waiting for his school bus when a man in a car approached the bus stop to use the defibrillator. The man had been sent by the ambulance service to use the device but had forgotten his phone which he needed to access the code to unlock the cupboard where the defibrillator was located. Bobby quickly jumped to the rescue and offered his phone enabling him to call 999.

Bobby said: “A man came to the bus stop in his car. Panicking, he couldn’t find his phone. I was a bit hesitant at first to give a stranger my phone but if it was a matter of saving someone’s life I was willing to take that risk”

We are happy to report that the family member contacted the school to thank Bobby for his quick thinking and to let him know that the person Bobby helped is doing well.


Well done Bobby, you are truly one of #WalesFinest!