Wales High School Student Council Are Top Dogs!

Top DogsMembers of Wales High School Student Council achieved full recognition for their ability to work as an effective team when they won the inter-school Top Dog competition on 10th October. The teams from Wales High School, Aston Academy, St Bernard’s Academy and Brinsworth Academy fought competitively for the title which was judged on problem solving, budgeting skills and team work.

The competition was run by Rother Valley South Area Assembly and the judging panel included a range of Local Government partners representing Fire, Police, Councillors, Environmental Health and Youth Services. The teams were presented with live action scenes at the Hellaby Lifewise Centre, where actors played designated parts within a fictitious community setting. Students had to put themselves in the position of the Council to make improvements to the community on a tight budget.

Teams were challenged by anti-social behaviour, run-down recreation areas, graffiti and vandalism. They were required to prioritise funding for maximum impact in this environment. The judges were impressed by the way students sought advice from the Government partners and the range of creative ideas and solutions. Wales High School was the proud winner, and the School Council will enjoy a day out at the Houses of Parliament in November as their prize.