Wales Flying High

The Sunday Times has revealed the best performing schools in the country and Wales High School is on the list. The newspaper’s Parent Power Schools Guide has identified the 2000 highest achieving schools in the UK and ranked them according to their recent exam results.

Wales High School was ranked as the best performing secondary school in Rotherham at 468th on the national list.

Head Teacher Pepe Di’Iasio said;

“This is fantastic news and shows that the hard work of students and staff at Wales High School pays dividends. It was a turbulent year for GCSE results across the country, given the number of changes to assessment and grading, but we were delighted to exceed the national averages for the new grade 5 benchmark in both English and Maths and it was pleasing to see so many students achieve top grades. The number of A* grades achieved by students at A level was also impressive and we saw an increase in the overall points achieved per entry in academic and vocational qualifications”

Wales High School was also ranked 18th in Sheffield and South Yorkshire on the Times Parent Power list.

Secondary School rankings were determined by the percentage of exam entries receiving A* to B grades at A-Level and the percentage of entries gaining A* and A grades at GCSE this summer.

They are published a number of weeks before the official Government tables for secondary school performance are revealed.