UCAS Exhibition

Please use the registration link and the instructions below to your students so that they can individually register for the event.

  • Once they click the link, your students will need to select ‘Student attending as part of a group’ from the list of visitor categories.
  • They then need to select your school or college name as the group they are attending with.
  • When they’ve completed the form, your students will receive a confirmation email with a link to their personal ticket, which they will need to either print or bring on their phone, ready for the event.

Students can also use the learner step-by-step guide to help them register online.

Benefits of registering in advance

  • We will be able to send your students important information and preparation advice in the lead up to their visit.
  • You will avoid lengthy delays not registering on-site at the exhibition so you and your students can have your tickets scanned and walk straight in.
  • The personalised ticket will allow students to receive further information from the exhibitors and organisations they’re interested in. All they have to do is ask the exhibitors of their choice, to scan their ticket on the day of the event.

What about my colleagues and my students’ parents?

If any additional members of staff will be in attendance, they will also need to register. They should follow the same steps as above, but select ‘Adviser (teacher or lecturer) attending as part of a school/college group’ visitor category. Parents are also welcome, but they will need to make a separate booking.

How can I prepare my students?

  • Students can check out our event preparation guide where they will find out what questions to ask, who will be exhibiting and get tips on what to look out for.