Code of Conduct


Wales High is a place where students may work purposefully; feel secure, safe, happy and confident, in an environment free from prejudice.

 At Wales High School students and staff work together to:

  • Create a caring, stimulating and secure environment in which students can work and thrive safely and happily.
  • Promote and develop empathy and respect for self and others and prevent all forms of bullying among students.


Students are expected to:

  • Be polite and show consideration for others.
  • Develop a sense of self-discipline.
  • Take responsibility for their own actions.
  • Treat other students and staff fairly and with respect.
  • Value the school environment and its routines.
  • Acknowledge that the maintaining of good behaviour at Wales High school is a shared responsibility.
  • Arrive punctually to school and to all lessons.
  • All students to work with an excellent attitude to learning (ATL) in all areas at all times.
  • Adhere to the school uniform policy.
  • Have a school bag, planner and equipment for the day.
  • Make sure NO make-up, nail varnish or false nails are worn in KS3 and KS4.
  • Follow the rules regarding jewellery by only wearing a watch and 1 pair of plain studs if desired.
  • Use mobile phones and personal electrical devices  at social times in social areas and make sure they are switched off and stored safely at all other times.

At Wales we are also proud of our exceptionally high standards of behaviour of all students and at all times. The Code of Conduct covers all students on roll at Wales High School and extends beyond the school day and school premises to cover when students are:

  • Taking part in any school-organised or school-related activity.
  • Travelling to and from school.
  • Wearing school uniform.
  • In some other way identifiable as a student at the school.


Rewards will be used to recognise where students have displayed an excellent Attitude to Learning:

  • Each Assessment Point will provide an opportunity to reward students with successful ATL and improved ATL.
  • Certificates are presented for students who achieve excellent ATL grades at Assessment Points.
  • Rewards include letters home, certificates, post cards home, lunch with the Headteacher, queue jumpers, dinner money and school trip vouchers or individually requested prizes.
  • Staff are also invited to reward students for one off acts of kindness or friendship using Go For Schools.
  • Students receiving positive points on Go For Schools will be rewarded by departments and year teams in line with the rewards stated above.


However, if a student fails to follow the Code of Conduct the following sanctions could be applied:


  • Detentions can be issued at break, lunchtime or after school.

Restorative Work:

  • Wales High School will continue to ensure that students are made aware of the consequences of their behaviour and where appropriate.
  • Sanctions may include restorative work, with opportunities for students to give time back to the community and or to their victims.
  • Restorative conversations are an important part of the follow up work after an incident.  Students are expected to engage in this process and work to improve their future conduct.

Internal Exclusion:

  • Wales High School recognises that although fixed term exclusions sometimes play an effective part in disciplining young people, where appropriate students may be kept in school and placed in supervised internal exclusion for a specific period. Whilst isolated and removed from the classroom, students work under the direct supervision of key staff within school as coordinated by Head of Year, in a specific working area.
  • This period or part of this time can also take place at another school which is part of the Southern Partnership Pupil Management Group.

Fixed Term Exclusion:

  • Following a particularly serious incident, and I or when a student fails to respond to intervention and support, the Headteacher may issue a fixed term exclusion.

Alternative Provision / Placement:

  • Following a serious incident or reported incidents of poor behaviour, a student may be placed in another setting for a period of time with clear aims around improving behaviour and conduct.




Click here to download the Code of Conduct document.