Students Jumping for Joy With GCSE Results

Wales High’s Yorkshire trampolining star was bouncing with excitement when she picked up her GCSE results this morning. Eve Miller somehow found time to train, practise and compete in her sport while studying to achieve 3 grade 8s, 4 A*s and 4 As.

Her success was shared by staff and students alike as the school average for the new grading system was above the national average.

Head Teacher Pepe Di’Iasio said,

“In a turbulent year of GSCE results, with so many changes to assessment and grading, it is pleasing to see so many students achieving top grades.

We are delighted to exceed the national averages for the new grade 5 benchmark in both English and Maths. This has been achieved through the hard work of our Y11 students and staff.”

Students who had major commitments both in and out of school celebrated excellent results in a range of subjects.

Other notable success stories came from Holly Raynor (2 9s, 5 A*s, 2 As,) Alys Roberts 1 9, 2 8s,1 A*, 4 As) and Adam Smith (1 9, 1 8, 1 7, 7 A*s, 1 A.)

All three managed great results by balancing their academic study with gruelling auditions, rehearsals and performances as part of the cast in this year’s school production of Les Miserables.

Alex Morton-Cooper continued to represent the year group as part of the school council despite the pressures of his GCSE exams and achieved 1 grade 9, 6 A*s and 1 A.

Finally, the school was delighted with the outstanding exam performance of Melissa Driver. Her study and determination paid off in the form of 3 9s, 6 A*s, 1 A and 1 A* with distinction, making her the top performer in Year 11 at Wales High School.