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STEM at Wales High School

EDT Industrial Cadets Awards Ceremony

On 24th November 2021, Euan A, Amy B, Kyren G and Joseph R were invited to the EDT Industrial Cadets Awards Ceremony. This event is to celebrate the young people who have gone above and beyond in their Industrial Cadets experience. Our students were chosen out of hundreds of entries for their work designing an eco-garden for our school. After already achieving first prize in the Bronze level award back in June, the team were awarded third place in the ‘Outstanding Commitment to Industrial Cadets Bronze Level Award’. They have done a fantastic job representing our school and we are so proud of them!

Sixth-Form Student Ambassadors

Our Year 12 Student STEM Ambassadors received the second part of their training and got the chance to speak to two STEM Ambassadors about their experiences. The students can now begin their journey in becoming some of the youngest STEM Ambassadors in the UK. A big thank you the STEM Ambassador Hub North Midlands (Derbyshire & Nottinghamshire), South Yorkshire & East Yorkshire. Our Year 13 STEM Ambassadors also received formal training from STEM Learning, they are now officially trained and on the national platform. A huge congratulations for all of their work over the past two years.

Ibstock Brick Factory

Some of our Year 13 students visited Ibstock Brick Factory. They practiced making bricks in moulds and learnt about the different components of bricks and how changing the ratios and types of these components changed the properties of the bricks. They needed to learn this as they were delivering a session to groups of Year 9 students from different schools at a STEM event at Gulliver’s.

Women in Welding

During the autumn term we visited Lincoln Electric in Aston for a Women in Welding experience day. The group of students who attended had a wonderful day spending time with some lady welding ambassadors who helped them have a go at chocolate welding and then showed them how to hone their skills on the high tech machines that simulate welding. Following this we went into the welding bays to have a go at real life welding and managed to produce trophies. Students had a fabulous day proving that women really can work in jobs that were predominantly male dominated in the past.