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Childcare & Education (Level 3)

childcare cert

This course is offered as a one and two year qualification.  NCFE CACHE Certificate in Childcare and Education (EYE) single option is a cutting edge qualification that has been developed to meet the Early Years Educator criteria (equivalent to 1.5 A-Levels).

Upon achievement of this qualification learners will be able to work with early years children in a supervised role or access Higher Education as it provides an excellent base to move into children’s nursing, general nursing or midwifery as well as children’s psychology, youth work and sociology based courses.

A four day educational visit to Euro Disney ensures students experience the wider application of their studies beyond the classroom.

5 GCSEs 9 – 4. Applicants who do not meet these requirements will be considered on an individual basis.

•Unit 1 – Child development from conception to seven years: This unit will help you understand areas of development from conception to seven years as well as equipping you with the various skills relating to observing children and their development.
• Unit 2 – Children’s health and well-being:  This unit looks at how practitioners can support children to ensure their well-being and good health.
• Unit 3 – Providing safe environments for children:  This unit will develop your knowledge of child protection and safeguarding when working with children.
• Unit 4 – Child health: This unit looks at how practitioners can support children through illness.

• Unit 5 – Play and learning: This unit will provide you with the opportunity to evaluate the importance of play by planning activities within a setting of your choice.
• Unit 6 – Understanding children’s additional needs: This unit will help you to understand the specific needs of children and how best you can support them.
• Unit 7 – Observation, assessment and planning: This unit will provide you with the opportunity to develop your professional skills and to apply theoretical knowledge in a practical environment.
• Plus Controlled assessment 1: This is an externally set and marked controlled assessment which covers content from all seven units.

The Examination Board for this course is NCFE CACHE.
As part of this course, students are required to plan and carry out activities in an early years setting. This will take place in the Nursery adjacent to our classroom.

For further information, please contact - Mrs D Brighouse / [email protected]