Wales High School is tremendously proud of its tradition of having the highest standards of presentation for all students and their uniforms. Our policy is based on the notion that a school uniform:

  • Helps to promote positive attitudes and high standards
  • Makes children feel equal to their peers in terms of appearance
  • Gives pupils an identity and promotes sense of pride in the school
  • Encourages every child to take pride in his/ her appearance
  • Practical and smart
  • Makes WHS students easily identifiable

You can find information and diagrams below showing examples of acceptable school uniform. If you should require any more information or have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Wales High School Uniform Booklet

Click on the button below to download and view the Wales High Uniform Booklet.

Uniform Booklet

Uniform Suppliers

Wales High School uniform and PE Kits can be purchased from the following suppliers.  Please note, for convenience WHS students can still purchase School Ties from Student Reception:

Johnny D Schoolwear
All Uniform items/PE Kit stocked:
33 Howard Street, Rotherham. S65 1JQ
Tel: 01709 370032
Website: https://johnnyd.co.uk/

Pinders Schoolwear
All Uniform items/PE Kit stocked at 3 locations:
Mansfield Road, Aston, Sheffield, S26 2BS
Crystal Peaks Market, Crystal Peaks, Sheffield
The Bus Station, College Walk, Rotherham.
Tel: 0114 2513275/01709 720043
Web link:  https://pindersschoolwear.com/

Alternatively, parents can purchase a badge from school or use the services of Tracie B Personalised Embroidery who will embroider the school badge onto a blazer:

Tracie B Personalised Embroidery
15 Sheffield Road, South Anston, S25 5DT
Tel: 01909 807055/ 07969080056

Uniform Boys

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Uniform Girls

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School Shoes

For some time, many well-known and reputable shoe shops have sold soft leather, trainer style footwear that they will advertise as ‘school shoes’ These same examples of footwear are also sold in sports shops and are advertised as suitable for wearing when taking part in sport.

As a result of such branding and advertising it is understandable how some families have assumed that such shoes are suitable for Wales High school uniform. Please take a look below at some examples of suitable and not suitable School shoes.


SEN Uniform Tips

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1. Allow an extra 1/2 inch in your childs neck measurement for comfort.
2. Wash your childs shirt a few times before they wear them to soften the fabric.3. Practice wearing the blazer and tie. Slowly increase the time your child wears them: e.g. 10 minutes on Monday, 20 minutes on Tuesday, 30 minutes on Wednesday…4. Take the time to show your child how to care for their school uniform, Blazer, Shoes, Tie and Shirt

5. Practice wearing the shoes and slowly increase the time your child wears them: e.g. 10 minutes on Monday, 20 minutes on Tuesday, 30 minutes on Wednesday…

School Trousers

Plain black school trousers should be in a traditional style and not tight fitting. The bottom of the trouser should sit on the shoes and not cling to the leg. Lycra, stretchy material, or skinny style trousers are not acceptable.