Statutory and School Policies and other statutory documents

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2016/17 Annual Accounts

16-19 Bursary Fund

Acceptable Use Policy for all staff and governors using the ICT System

Accessibility Plan

Accounting Policy

Admission Arrangements

Anti-Bullying Policy

Attendance Policy

Behaviour for Learning

Careers Education and Guidance

Capability of Staff / Capability Procedures

CCTV Policy and Guidance

Charging and Remissions

Complaints Procedure: A guide for parents, carers and the public

Code of Conduct

Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy

Data Security Policy

Data Protection Registration of Data Controllers

Dealing with allegations of abuse against Teachers and other staff

Directed Time Budget

Disciplinary and Dismissal Procedures and Complaints

E-Safety Policy

Educational Visits Policy

Exam Entry and Payment Policy

Feedback Policy

Finance Policy

Freedom of Information – Model Publication Scheme

Health and Safety Guidance

Health and Safety Policy Statement

Home Learning (under review)

Hospitality Policy

Instrument of Government

Investment Policy

Literacy Policy

Peripatetic Policy

Pupil Premium Policy

Premises Management – Compliance Monitoring for Council Buildings

Register of Business Interests

Reserves Policy

Risk Management Policy

School Lettings Policy

SEND Policy

Sex and Relationship Education

Sickness Absence Policy

Single Equality Policy

Structured Governor Visits to school

Supporting Pupils with Medical Needs Policy

Teacher’s Appraisal Policy

Terrorism Policy and Procedure (Under Review)

Use of Reasonable Force – Advice

Whistleblowing / Safeguarding

Whole School Pay Policy (inc. Teacher’s Pay Policy)

Whole School Safeguarding Policy

Work Experience