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New Display Celebrates Local Chapman Family

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of the opening of the State-of-the-art 3G Pitch, ‘Chapman Fields’, Wales High School worked with the relatives of the Chapman family and Kiveton Park Football Club to create a new display.

The new display was opened on Friday 17th November inside the school’s Reception, where Ken Chapman (Herbert Chapman’s, Nephew) and other members of the community and school attended.

“The Story Behind Chapman Fields” explores the history of the Chapman family in Kiveton Park, and legendary football manager, Hebert Chapman.

The display features a signed football shirt gifted to the school by Arsenal Football Club, a club which Herbert Chapman managed from 1925 for many years.

Students will also have the opportunity to learn about the history of the Chapmans as part of their active tutorial work.

To coincide with the display, a new plaque was unveiled on the 3G Pitch, to mark the one-year anniversary. L-R Sophie H, Madeleine J, Ken Chapman, Pepe Di’Iasio, Lucas H and Billy G

Pepe DiIasio, Headteacher, said: “In the naming of our 3G Pitch, we wanted to embody our school’s core values and to inspire students, staff, and members of the Kiveton and Wales community. What better way to achieve this aim than recognising the Chapman family of Kiveton.


The naming of Chapman Fields will serve as a perpetual reminder of the history within our community and the qualities which the family held, for generations of our community to come.”

Special thanks to the Chapman family who attended the opening and to Lee Hicklin, who provided the story of Herbert Chapman for the display.