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Music – KS4

Music at Key Stage 4

Music at Key Stage 4 consists of:

  • Unit 1: Performing (30%)
  • Unit 2: Composing (30%)
  • Unit 3: Appraising (Listening and Analysis) (40%)

Unit 1: Performing:

    • One solo performance
    • One ensemble performance

You can perform on any instrument and in any style.
Remember – your voice is classed as an instrument.
You can perform on TWO different instruments.
The total time for your solo and ensemble performance must be at least four minutes (30%).

Unit 2: Composing:
During your two years you will compose two pieces. One of these is a free composition and a second will be based on a set brief by Edexcel.
This element is called coursework and is worth 30%.
You will be given lots of support both in lessons and after school through composing workshops.
Briefs could include composing a song using verse/chorus structure in any popular style or compose a piece for piano and cello in ternary form.
The combined duration of both pieces should be between 3 and 4 minutes (30%).

Unit 3: Appraising (Listening and Analysis) 40%

You will study 8 Set works which covers the wide spectrum of music. These include Classical to rock music.

Examples of pieces studied include Beethoven’s Pathetique piano sonata, Queen’s Killer Queen, John William’s Star Wars theme, Stephen Schwartz’s Defying Gravity (from Wicked) and Fusions Samba and Jazz, Celtic rock and African.

You will be expected to explore different pieces through wider listening (Going beyond the classroom).
A knowledge of music vocabulary is essential (MR ST. TIMSDT). Knowledge organizer and Annotated score to help.
You will be examined (ONE EXAM ONLY) on these pieces at the end of the course (1 hour and 45 minute exam).