Moroccan Poetry Festival

moroccanfestival_largeThe school in partnership with College Ibn Sina from Casablanca staged a Poetry Festival on the theme of the ‘Weather and Seasons’ in which students from both schools wrote and read poems on the subject. The event was open to the local community and Mr El Mouden from CIS was in national costume. Moroccan tea and cakes were served and the Moroccan Tourist Board promoted holidays ranging from city break to golf and spa retreats.

At the beginning of the evening a statement was read on behalf of H.H.Princess Lalla Joumala, Ambassador of His Majesty The King of Morocco to the Court of St James who said:

‘The event has our full support and blessing,hoping that it will grow even more to become a model for educational institutions in the Kingdom of Morocco and the United Kingdom. This Poetry Festival enhances and deepens cooperation between the two institutions and our friendly countries’.

Clive Alderton, H.M.Ambassador to Morocco said:

‘The bonds we forge in childhood and adolescence are bonds which endure. From them grow understanding,respect and tolerance. In all this, you are making a significant contribution to the individual and collective future of your students’