MOMO Theatre Company- Road Safety Awareness

On Thursday 6th October and Friday 7th October, Wales High School pupils in Year 7 and 8 attended a Road Safety presentation in the school’s Grand Hall.

This was not the usual information accompanied PowerPoint, instead pupils were greeted by two actors on stage who portrayed themselves as members of the local council sent into schools to educate youngsters about Road Safety.

Both the Actors immediately engaged the audience as they outlined the importance of travelling to and from school, one being the straight laced professional and the other playing the joker- constantly mimicking which generated uncontrollable laughter amongst the audience.

There was plenty of opportunity for audience participation as throughout the presentation questions were posed to pupils. The simple use of props added to the effectiveness of the overall presentation which pupils and staff alike seemed to enjoy.

Even though it lasted nearly 50 minutes time seemed to have passed by and no sooner had it been in full swing that it was coming to an end. A very enjoyable and valuable lesson which was delivered in a fun and innovative way.