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Modern Foreign Languages – KS5

Modern Foreign Languages at Key Stage 5

Language study at Key Stage 5 is an opportunity to gain more independence and fluency in French or Spanish and build on excellent attainment at Key Stage 4. We are lucky to have a team of passionate teachers who both nurture and challenge our students to become outstanding linguists, using their excellent subject knowledge and first-hand experience to create a supportive and stimulating environment where our Sixth Form students can flourish, knowing that support is always available.

With a range of excellent teaching strategies, we produce students of outstanding quality whose fluency and grasp of culture, politics, and society in Hispanic or Francophone countries is well rounded, and students are more resilient, independent, and confident in their ability to communicate effectively in their chosen language.  Students will study a work of literature and a film as part of their course which will further broaden their appreciation of target language cultures.

Students will have two teachers at A level and will often have the opportunity to work with other language professionals or native speakers to build their oral and presentation skills in preparation for their independent research project, which forms part of the final examinations.