Key Stage 4

At Wales High School, we encourage all students to follow a curriculum with breadth and relevance. It should provide a student with a range of subjects in which to show progression and meet the challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

The curriculum shown below is the formal curriculum, in terms of the timetabled lessons. In addition to this, we encourage all students to take advantage of the extra and extended curricular activities that take place both during term time and in vacation time. Wales prides itself on the values it instils in students that are promoted throughout the school.

Any future changes to the curriculum will be communicated to parents via the Options programme (see School Diary for appropriate dates).

The students have 25 X 1 hour lessons per week. The proportion of lessons per subject, for each year group is shown below.

Year 11

The Government directive of all subjects is to be terminally examined and many subjects increasing their content have led to a change in our KS4 curriculum. The curriculum plan is shown below.


During the second hour of PE, students will be offered/ directed to further study including EPQ (Extended Project Qualification), Statistics, intervention or further literacy/numeracy support.

It is expected these students will be involved in extra-curricular physical education activities.


The fourth way is to use one of the further subject choices to study the third separate science.


Other options can be selected from a range of traditional GCSE course and vocational courses such as: Business, Engineering, Childcare, Health and Social Care, Science, ICT, Sport and Dance. Wales High School Academy, at Vector 31, delivers courses in Construction, Motor Vehicle Maintenance and Hairdressing. If a student wishes to follow these courses, there will be a slight alteration in their optional extended curriculum choices.

In addition to our standard curriculum the school will have up to 6 ‘Super Learning Days’ per year. This will involve collapsing the traditional timetable being collapsed and the students being involved with social, cultural, moral and spiritual education.

Current Year 10

The Government directive of all subjects is to be terminally examined and many subjects increasing their content have led to a change in our KS4 curriculum. The curriculum plan is shown below.


Following guidance, students can opt to follow science in any of the following ways:
As ‘core’ and ‘additional’ science GCSEs. This is the traditional ‘double science’ option where students will complete 2 GCSE qualifications with an equal split of time between biology, chemistry and physics.


As separate sciences, leading to 3 GCSEs. These can be selected from biology, chemistry, physics and computer science. 2 hours per week would be dedicated to each subject. These 4 combinations are shown below:


Most students will then follow and options route of selecting 3 different GCSE or equivalent qualifications. Details of all the options and their levels can be found on the options section of the website.

Some students will follow alternative courses at the Kevin Shore Vocational Academy at Vector 31. Their curriculum will vary slightly in the number of options choices in which they engage.

Hair: Students use 1 of their 3 options.
Motor Vehicle: Student choose this over 2 options but may follow a qualification in ICT, sports or resistant materials.
Construction: Students choose this over all 3 options but are encouraged to study for a qualification in ICT or resistant materials.

In addition to this:
Many students will be offered a fast track ECDL course offered through the PE programme.
Some students have been offered the opportunity to boost their E-Bac qualifications in geography, history or MFL by rotating in PE and after school sessions.
Some students will be offered the opportunity to study GCSE statistics, after school, when they are in Y11.