Pupil Premium

At Wales High School we strive to ensure that all students are given every opportunity to succeed and achieve their full potential.

The Pupil Premium funding is a government initiative designed to raise the attainment of pupils from disadvantaged backgrounds, diminishing the difference in attainment between them and their peers. At Wales High School the Pupil Premium is spent in an integrated and targeted way, to ensure that students receive the opportunity of additional support and access to all learning opportunities.

Specifically, the Pupil Premium money is provided for those pupils who have been on Free School Meals (FSM) at any point over the past 6 years (Ever6) or those children who have been looked after (LAC). It also applies to families who serve in the forces. Amounts are allocated per government financial year ending each 31st March, not in academic years. Please note allocations are not made for pupils in the sixth form.

The Pupil Premium has a value of £955 per eligible child. Funding to support looked-after children is £2345. A smaller amount of £310 is provided for those pupils who have a parent in the armed services. There is a Pupil Premium Plus which is £2345 per eligible child. Neither the government or any government agencies have dictated how the Pupil Premium money should be spent, but advises that the money should be used to promote strategies which, “narrow the attainment gap between the highest and lowest achieving pupils.”

Pupil Premium Targeted Activities and Support include:

  • one-to-one tuition;
  • small-group teaching;
  • additional in-class support;
  • homework clubs;
  • special arrangements for monitoring progress;
  • reduced class sizes;
  • teaching assistants;
  • peer tutoring/peer-assisted learning;
  • provision of materials/equipment;
  • corrective reading, accelerated reading, lexia;
  • mentoring and coaching

Support is provided to ensure access to all learning opportunities both inside and outside the classroom:

  • paying any additional staff costs;
  • paying for ICT programmes and systems;
  • paying for transport costs;
  • funding visits to Wales High School by theatre companies;
  • subsidising off site learning opportunities;
  • subsidising any pupil contributions;
  • strategies for improving attendance;
  • incentives offered for improved attendance;
  • staffing to support social, emotional and mental health needs.

These actions address barriers to learning:

  • one-to-one counselling;
  • behaviour support programmes;
  • support from SEMH Early Intervention Lead;
  • Lead First Aider and internal staff trainer;
  • interventions from schools educational psychologist;
  • health information and advice;

Actions focused on enrichment beyond the curriculum

These actions extend the learning offer beyond the curriculum and/or to provide a safe place between school and home.  Currently due to COVID restrictions many of the extracurricular opportunities are taking place during the school day at lunchtime:

  • sporting opportunities;
  • arts and other leisure activities;
  • after-school and holiday clubs;
  • homework support sessions with IT facilities.

Actions focused on families and communities

These actions help parents provide better support to their children by engaging them in their children’s learning and/or providing them with the knowledge and skills to do so effectively:

  • parental groups;
  • workshops at parents evenings;
  • mentor meetings.

Please contact Mr. J. Taylor (Assistant Headteacher) at Wales High School, for more information regarding Pupil Premium.

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