Helping Hands a Thousand Miles Away

CABINTAN NATIONAL HIGH SCHOOL is one of the Schools in Ormoc City, Leyte Philippines which experienced a terrible, catastrophic event when “TYPHOON YOLANDA” hit. Most of the physical structures of the school were destroyed as well as the hope of the students and teachers, including me as a new School Head.

Our school is situated in the mountainous area by which after Yolanda could only be reached by motorcycle. We waited for help hoping that someone would support us in rebuilding our hopes but as expected no help came, maybe because it is really difficult to reach the area. I then received some great news when Mr Hughes telephoned promising the support of Wales High School.

From the deepest portion of my very soul, I would like to thank the WALES HIGH SCHOOL especially Mr Hughes (International Community Director), Mrs Brookes (HR/Finance Manager), and to all teachers and students, for raising £1335. I did not expect that those people, who were very far from the Philippines, are the ones who showed their love, generosity, and friendship. What you have bestowed to us really gave us what is the real meaning of “HOPE and PERSEVERANCE”

I know that “THANK YOU” is not enough words to pay tribute to the things that you have showed to us but then, on behalf of my students, teachers and to all the community of Cabintan National High School I will take this opportunity to say THANK YOU to all of you. I hope that this will not be the end of our strong friendship that has already started. I will be looking forward that our friendships will becoming more stronger as years goes by. I promise that your help will give meaning to all of us especially to the students.

What you have done to us will always be in our hearts that created FOOTPRINTS and cannot be erased and we will be bringing this good experience throughout our lives. I will be looking forward that representatives from Wales High School will be coming over to visit Cabintan National High School soon.

School Head