GCSE & A Level Exam Information

Looking ahead to A level results – please follow this link to Ofqual blog, released 10 August 2020.

Key points relating to your GCSE results (following the government’s announcement) 


  • The GCSE exams this May-June have been cancelled.
  • The government is aiming for grades to still be awarded to you for all the qualifications you have been taking.
  • They aim to:
    • provide these grades to you by the end of July,
    • ensure that the grades reflect fairly the work you have put into your subjects.

How will they produce the grades?

  • They will ask your teachers to make a judgement about the grade they believe you would have got if you had sat the exams.
  • This judgement will take into account your mock examination results as well as any non-examined assessment you have completed.
  • They will then combine the judgements made by your teachers with other data which is available on students (e.g. Key Stage 2 SATs results where these are available).
  • These two sets of information will then be used to calculate your final grade in each subject.

What happens if I am not happy with the grade I am awarded?

  • You will be able to appeal if you believe the grade awarded is too low.
  • You will also be able sit an examination ‘at the earliest opportunity’ in each subject if you are still unhappy with the grade (the timing of this will depend on when the coronavirus outbreak is contained and things return to ‘normal’).
  • You will also be able to sit your exams in summer 2021.

Things to note:

  • We are unsure from the government’s document how many exams you will need to take in each subject if you decide to sit them ‘at the earliest opportunity’ or in summer 2021.
  • These proposals are sketchy and more details are going to be released soon.
  • We will keep you updated when we receive more information.
It is important that you keep all your mock exam papers, exercise books and internal assessments and tests as these may be needed by your teachers to support their judgement.