Food Bank

Wales High School has been involved in a food collection for The Trussell Trust, a Food Bank charity which aims to bring communities together to end hunger and poverty.

Three students from year 11 organised for a collection to be done involving the whole school to help people in need at this crucial time of year.  This is not the first time Wales High School has done a collection, having already raised 410kg for the same charity.  The food will be sent to Hope Church Food Bank, to then be distributed across the area of Rotherham this Christmas.

“When the three of us visited the food bank, we saw the reality of the issue.  I suppose we just wanted to help, and doing it as a school was the best way of doing it.  It gives us a sense of pride to know we are helping people that often have to make a choice between heating and eating.  We just wanted to make sure that going hungry wasn’t an option, especially around Christmas when financial issues are hard enough as it is.  We want to help people to have a Christmas with food on the table and to celebrate it with their family and be happy.” Liam Blackwell 11.8