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Drama – KS3

Drama & Theatre Studies at Key Stage 3

Students select drama as an option subject in Year 9. The course starts with a practical introduction to the fundamental skills required by performers, with subject specific vocabulary being explicitly taught from the beginning. We then move on to a six-week overview of The History of Theatre, where students learn through a range of homework and in-class tasks, the origins of theatre and some of the most influential and long-lasting theatre practices, ranging from Ancient Greek, Shadow Theatre, Kabuki up to the present day.

Following on from this we study three practitioners: Stanislavski, Brecht and Artaud through a variety of interactive workshops as well as applying their techniques to a short script; this culminates with a performance in front of their peers.

After Christmas, we move onto Live Theatre Production; this unit focuses on the technical elements of a show, with students learning about: set, costume, sound and lighting design. We watch a recording of a live theatre production, analysing the techniques used, and then create our own design ideas through adapting a well-known fairy tale. Students will work as a team to plan, sketch, design, and present their ideas to the rest of the class.

The final part of the course is the devising project, where students get the chance to put together everything they have learned to create their own original drama. Students will work as a group to plan, create, rehearse and refine their project before performing in front of a live audience.

Students will also be expected to take part in the Drama Showcase as part of the Key Stage 3 programme of study, either as a performer or designer.

Click on the videos below to view some of our Key Stage 3 Drama & Theatre Studies work. These videos are from scripted examination performances and as such may contain adult themes and language. Viewer discretion is advised.

That Face


Pronoun 2