Key Stage 3

At Wales High School, we encourage all students to follow a curriculum with breadth and relevance. It should provide a student with a range of subjects in which to show progression and meet the challenges and opportunities in a rapidly changing world.

The curriculum shown below is the formal curriculum, in terms of the timetabled lessons. In addition to this, we encourage all students to take advantage of the extra and extended curricular activities that take place both during term time and in vacation time. Wales prides itself on the values it instils in students that are promoted throughout the school.

The students have 25 X 1 hour lessons per week.

The proportion of lessons per subject, for each year group is shown below.

Curriculum Year 7


In Golden Hour, students follow a rotation of topic based themes incorporating literacy and numeracy elements.

In World Studies students follow a geography, history and RE curriculum but with enhanced literacy support.

Curriculum Year 8


For selected students a literacy/ numeracy (Lit/Num) support programme will be offered as an alternative to MFL.

Curriculum Year 9

During Year 8 students will be given the opportunity to fine tune their own programme of study, in preparation for selecting their options for study in Key Stage 4.
For 14/25 hours all students will follow the core curriculum as shown below.


Guided ChoiceStudent Choice

Most students will continue with MFL. Some students will continue to receive literacy/ numeracy support.

All students must select either History or Geography (in blocks 18/19).

The remainder of the time is 3 choices made by the student, according to the criteria highlighted below. A student may wish to make the substitution of 2 choices with the opportunity to study a second modern foreign language.


Should anyone wish for further information about the curriculum, please contact Mrs Hemming.