African Adventures: Help Support Our Trip to Ghana

Ghana1Help support our trip to GHANA – in the future it could be a travel opportunity for YOU!

In July this year 20 Sixth Form students will embark on a 10 night inaugural visit to Ghana. Our school hopes to offer this amazing travel experience to students in future years, IF this trip proves a success!

So, help us raise the funds to go this year and it could pay off for you in the future!

Money Raised

•  Look out for the African Adventures logo as we offer other events and services throughout the year.

•  Buy a Ghana wrist band – to be sold at various venues in school and we could drop into your tutor group.

•  We’ll be raising money in your local communities too, so you could encourage your family and friends to help too!

What our students will be doing!

The students are travelling to Woe, a small poverty stricken community on the coast of Ghana.  This is an amazing opportunity, but it isn’t a holiday! Whilst there the students will participate in community projects including building, teaching and sports coaching.  The students will be in Ghana for 10 days and will work with African Adventures who have long established links with the local community.