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World Studies – KS3

World Studies

Vision and Aims

Year 7 Curriculum

The Year 7 Curriculum is Humanities based.  Students come to World Studies 5 times a week instead of attending Geography, History and RE. The curriculum has been developed by working with the English department as well as Geography, History and RE specialists.  Students study key themes and concepts taught to all Year 7 students alongside improving their literacy skills:

  • Geography themes include: Place and Biomes.
  • History themes include: Anglo Saxons and Norman Conquest and Women’s suffrage.
  • In RE, 6 Main Faiths and Myths and Legends are studied.

Staff use a wide range of resources and scaffolding styles to deliver the curriculum. Depth of knowledge, skills and understanding will be secured. Confidence in reading is also developed.

Year 8 Curriculum

The Year 8 curriculum develops and reinforces key literacy skills and core knowledge and understanding in MFL. Students attend 2 lessons per week instead of core MFL. In one lesson they continue to develop language and basic grammar in either French or Spanish. In the second lesson the students develop their literacy skills based on a love of reading. Interventions such as Lexia are also included.

The aim is to work in tandem with core English to boost skills, understanding and confidence.

Year 9 Curriculum

In Year 9, students continue to have 2 lessons per week instead of accessing MFL.  The Year 9 curriculum is focused on the students gaining a silver or gold ‘Step Up’ qualification in English.  The Step Up qualification enables the students to work at an entry level standard as a pre curser to prepare students for GCSE English Language.  The course is split into 3 units (components)

  • Gothic Horror
  • Leisure
  • Music

All units are non-exam assessments, 2 of which have a speaking and listening component.  They are marked by the class teacher, a sample will be sent to the exam board for moderation.